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Mayo Peninsula Parks

South River Farm Park
 Beverly Triton Nature Park Projects Update
Please see virtual public pre-construction meeting information for the shoreline restoration project at right. An additional public pre-construction meeting notice for the park development project will be posted on this page in the future at the appropriate time, potentially Winter 2020/2021. 
The Department of Recreation and Parks (DRP) continues to participate in the broader County traffic study of the Mayo peninsula which is underway. You may direct questions to Dawn Thomas [email protected] or (410) 222-2867.


Beverly Triton Nature Park

1202 Triton Beach Road, Edgewater, MD 21037

Beverly Triton Nature Park

Beverly Triton Nature Park 60% Design Drawing (01/2020)

Beverly Triton Nature Park 60% Design Drawing
The accessible fishing pier and roll-out boardwalk are the only items not shown above. They are represented in the presentation. 
Beverly Triton Beach Park
Beverly Triton Nature Park Master Plan (Scale: 1" = 200') DATE 12/2017


Mayo Beach Park

4150 Honeysuckle Drive, Edgewater, MD 21037

Mayo Beach Park

Mayo Beach Park

Mayo Beach Park Master Plan (Scale: 1" = 100')


South River Farm Park

3553 Loch Haven Drive, Edgewater, MD 210376

South River Farm Park

South River Farm Park

South River Park Master Plan (Scale: 1" = 200')


Mayo WRF (Water Reclamation Facility) - Future Park

551 Central Ave. East, Mayo, MD 21106

Mayo WRF (Water Reclamation Facility, future park)



Glebe Heights Park - Future Park

560 Loch Haven Drive, Mayo, MD 21106

Glebe Heights Park

Glebe Heights Park Master Plan (Scale: 1" = 100')