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Herbicide Treatment of Invasive Species

The Department in partnership with Scenic Rivers Land Trust is authorizing Scenic River's contractor to apply a herbicide application in the Bacon Ridge Natural Area during the week of June 20th to control invasive species.


  1. Treatment will consist of an initial 3-day application the week of June 20th, and a follow-up application approximately two weeks later (Date TBD).
  2. Treatment will take place 20 feet on either side of the Phase 1 trail that's highlighted on the attached map. An additional plot, marked on the map, will only be treated for wavyleaf basketgrass.
  3. Due to the varied density of invasive plant species along the highlighted trail, some of the trail will see little to no treatment while other sections see heavier application.
  4. Invasive plants being treated are: Autumn olive, multiflora rose, Japanese stiltgrass, Wavyleaf basketgrass, Japanese barberry, oriental bittersweet, and Japanese honeysuckle.
  5. The following two herbicides will be used (with a surfactant) and MSDS sheets are attached:
    • RoundUp Custom, via backpack sprayers, perhaps spray bottles, 2 to 3% solution, foliar application. Mixed with a blue marking dye (MSDS attached)