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Greenways Master Plan

Greenways are large areas of open and natural space that are protected from development. They provide multiple benefits including preservation of wildlife habitat, reduced forest fragmentation, pollution reduction, aesthetic quality, and protection of important natural areas. Anne Arundel County adopted a Greenways Master Plan in 2002. The overall goal is to create an interconnected network of greenways that protects ecologically valuable lands and provides open space and recreational benefits for people. The Master Plan serves as the identification, decision making, implementation, and management tool for the County’s greenways network. Using four broad strategies of organization and outreach, detailed planning, land protection and enhancement, and financing, the Plan establishes an implementation program for tracking, managing, and protecting the County’s greenways. 
The Office of Planning and Zoning and the Department of Recreation and Parks work collaboratively to implement the strategies and recommended actions in the Greenways Master Plan. This includes tracking the status of greenways properties, exploring preservation strategies, developing management plans, pursuing funding for land acquisition, and establishing partnerships with land trusts and conservation organizations.
A Greenways Master Plan Implementation Report was completed in October 2010 and summarizes progress on implementation of the Greenways Master Plan since 2002 through 2009.

Greenways Master Plan Implementation Report

Anne Arundel County Greenways Master Plan