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Frequently Asked Questions-Recreation & Parks

Last Published: January 3, 2022   
Below please find a list of Frequently Asked Questions and responses we hope will provide our residents with the information they need.   We hope you find these points helpful.
  • General Questions
    Who is Anne Arundel County Recreation & Parks?

    The Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks is essential to the well being and quality of life of every individual, family and community in Anne Arundel County.

    • Our Mission:  We Create Opportunities to Enjoy Life, Explore Nature and Restore Health and Well-being.  Enjoy, Explore, Restore
    • Our Vision:  To enrich the lives of all residents of Anne Arundel County.  We make life better!
    • Our Vision:  

      Responsibility (Safe, Professional, Competent, Transparent)
      Enjoyment (Fun, Exciting, Positive Attitude, Joy)
      Service (Excellence, Courteous, Compassionate, Responsive)
      Teamwork (Collaboration, Communication, Unity, Supportive)

    What facilities, buildings and offices are closed?
    • At this time no facilities are closed due to COVID.
    Are Anne Arundel County fields open during the winter?
    • Fields are generally closed beginning December 1 through February 28.
    • Permitted organizations are asked to use good judgement when determining the playability of a field.
    What is the department’s policy on refunds?  
    • Facility/School/Field Use Reservations:  We ask you to send an email cancellation to [email protected] with the requester name/organization, date of use, facility/school and request number if possible.
    • Programs and Activities: Please complete the Withdrawal from Recreation Program Form, please email [email protected] for assistance.  Programs that are canceled by Recreation & Parks will be refunded automatically
    How to I find if Recreation & Park events/programs are postponed or canceled?
  • Athletics - Youth & Adult Sports
    Are County fields open for use?
    • Fields are open for use of organized events, as long as organizations obtain a permit.  To find out more about County fields visit the departments Guidelines and Reference Manual found on the About Us Page.
    Are practices, games and workouts allowed on County fields?
    • Physical distancing practices should be observed at all times.
    • Masks are no longer a requirement for outdoor activities. There is still a CDC recommendation for those not vaccinated or that cannot maintain social distance.    
    • Organizations/business should contact the Facility Scheduling office to inquire about using a county facility to hold workout/classes etc. if you do not have a permit. 
    •  [email protected]. 
    Are indoor sports going take place?
    • Indoor sports are currently operating. Recreation & Parks is working closely with the Board of Education and will continue to update guidelines for indoor use. The Department of Recreation and Parks and Department of Health will be re-evaluating indoor use on a regular bases.
    What sports are offered in Anne Arundel County?
    • Youth and Adult sports may have modified schedules depending on the sport.  It is best to contact the sports supervisor for specific information. 
    • Visit the website at Team Sports page for listing and information on various sports offered in Anne Arundel County.
    How do I get my child on a team?
    • Youth sport registrations are done through your community athletic association.
    • Visit the Resource Links page for locate an athletic association in your community.
    Can we run a league on County fields or how do we get a permit for field use?
    • Independent organizations cannot run leagues on County Fields.
    • In order to obtain a permit you must be an accredited organization, vetted by Anne Arundel County Recreation & Parks, or be an approved vendor of Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks.
    Do I need a background check to coach or volunteer on my child's team?
    • As a prerequisite for any personal involvement with children, all adults who have care, custody or control of youth participants in any program or activity are required to successfully complete a criminal history records check.
    • Visit the Background Check page for information.
  • Organization Accreditation / Facility Permitting
    How does my organization become accredited?
    • To ensure compliance with departmental standards regarding access to public facilities, the Department of Recreation and Parks has established an accreditation process for all organizations and groups.  To view the process, procedures and requirements for Accreditation please go to the Guidelines and Reference Manual on our website.
    • You can email your questions to [email protected].
    Can I host a Tournament, 5K, League on County property?
    • Any event other than practices, scrimmages, games that is to be held on Anne Arundel County or Board of Education property must be approved and permitted by the Department of Recreation & Parks.
    • Specific rules, regulations and guidelines can be found in the Guidelines and Reference Manual on our website.
    • Request can be emailed to  [email protected].
    How do I request a permit for Anne Arundel County School or Park Facility Use?
    • Anyone using Anne Arundel County or Board of Education property must be approved and permitted by the Department of Recreation & Parks.  
    • Exception to this would be use of facilities within one of our many Regional Parks.  Visit the Parks & Trails page on our website to find out how to reserve one of the many beautiful facilities within these parks.
    • To request a permit for use please go to the Request a Facility or Field Use Permit page.
    How do I reserve a Community Park Pavilion?
    • There are also pavilions in several of the Community Parks. These are not the pavilions found at the Regional Parks.  
    • Some are available on a first come first served basis and some MUST be reserved. 
    • To find out which Community Parks are for use by RESERVATION ONLY go to: Reserve a Park Pavilion  on our website.
    • If you are looking for a pavilion in one of our Regional Parks for a list and reservation information.
  • Aquatic Centers - North Arundel Aquatic Center (NAAC) & Arundel Olympic Swim Center (AOSC)
    What is the status of the North Arundel Aquatic Center and Arundel Olympic Swim Centers?
    Do children need to be potty trained to swim in one of the County pools?
    •  Children must be 3 years and completely toilet trained; NO SWIM DIAPERS.
     Can children visit one of the pools without an adult?
    • Youth 12 and under must be accompanied by a paid adult 18 years or older.
    • One paying adult is required for every 5 children under the age of 12. The adult is responsible for the direct supervision of the children in his/her care. Children must not be left alone.
    Can I just swim laps?
    • There are lanes for lap swimmers at both pools.
    • Visit the specific pools information page for times and restrictions for lap swimming.
  • Child Care
    Where are your child care centers located for the 2021-2022 School Year?
    • The Department of Recreation and Parks has opened the majority of its School Year Child Care sites for the current school year.
    • At this time, parents interested in registering for child care may sign up for spaces.
    • Numbers of children we are able to care for at each location will be based on the COVID restrictions at that time for social distancing, and the availability of space/staffing.
    • Visit the Child Care page on the Recreation & Parks website for the most up to date school year child care programs and registration information.
    What are the summer child care opportunities?
    • Summer opportunities will be listed in the Summer Camp Program Guide which will be published online mid February. Visit the Program Guide page for information.
  • Recreation Programs & Activities
    What are the options for Summer Camps?
    • We are offering various scenarios of camp programs for our youngest residents this summer. Visit the Program Guide page for information.
    Are Recreation Centers open?
    • North County and South County Recreation Centers are open.
    When will the Program Guide be available?
    • The Recreation & Parks Program Guide is published four times a year Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. 
    • You can find the guide on the Program Guide page for information.
  • Parks
    Are there park entry fees being charged?
    • Entry fees are charged at the A.A. County Regional Parks listed below.
    • Regional park entry fees are:
      • The daily entrance fee is $6.00. 
      • Annual Park passes are $30 and allow entry to all regional parks.  Annual park passes are available for purchase at the regional park gatehouses and visitors centers.
    • County regional parks include:
      • Quiet Waters Park - 600 Quiet Waters Park Rd, Annapolis
      • Kinder Farm Park - 1001 Kinder Farm Park Rd, Millersville
      • Downs Park - 8311 John Downs Loop, Pasadena
      • Fort Smallwood Park - 9500 Fort Smallwood Rd, Pasadena (boat ramp fees are separate from entry fees)
      • Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary - 1361 Wrighton Road, Lothian, MD 20711
    • For more information about our parks please visit the Parks and Trails page.
    • The remainder of the 130 county parks remain free of charge, as always.
    • Social distancing guidelines are strictly enforced.  Please continue to practice social distancing. 
    Can we walk in the park or trails?
    • The parks are open for exercise activities (jogging biking, walking, hiking etc.)
    Are park pavilions available?
    • Pavilions in the Regional Parks listed above are available for rent daily. Please contact the specific park for information about their pavilions.
    • There are also pavilions in several of the Community Parks. Some are available on a first come first served basis and some MUST be reserved.  To find out which Community Parks are for use by RESERVATION ONLY go to: Reserve a Park Pavilion on our website.
    Are indoor park facilities available for event rental?
    • You should contact the specific Regional Park to find out what facilities are available, dates, and fees.
    • You can find a listing and contact information for our Regional Parks by going to the PARKS and TRAILS link on our website.
    Can we access the water at park beaches or boat ramps for recreational fishing, paddle boarding and kayaking?
    • Recreational boating is permitted within the Regional Parks and from the many Water Access areas in the county.  
    • Boaters must follow current social distancing requirements.
    • Recreational fishing is allowed in parks where permitted.
    • Water Access location can be found by going to our website at: Water Access Locations
    Are beaches open?
    • The beach at Beverly Triton Nature Preserve is open. 
    • Fort Smallwood Beach will be closed until Spring 2022 for scheduled shoreline stabilization and restoration work. Learn more by following this link.
    • The dog beach at Quiet Waters is currently open. Visitors are encouraged to practice social distancing while visiting.
    • Human swimming is not permitted.
    Are Dog Parks open?
    • Yes all regional and community dog parks are now open.
    • Please visit Dogs in the Park page for a list of our special areas set aside for off-leash dog activities.
    • Visitors are encouraged to practice social distancing while visiting.
    Can we camp at the Park?
    • Serval of the Regional Parks have youth camp sites. 
    • Contact the specific park to find out about availability of renting camp sites, Kinder Farm Park and Downs Park. 
  • Golf Courses
    Are county Golf Courses open?