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South Shore Trail

Page Published: September 16, 2022
Address: Multiple Locations 
Description of Work:

1-2. Paved multi-use trail. Additional information here.
3. Historic Building Renovation. Stabilize historic building, renovate interior for offices, upgrade HVAC, restore windows and replace roof in kind.


1. Phase II: Bonheur Drive to Annapolis Road at Sappington Station Circle
2. Phase IV: Waterbury Drive/Phase I to Eisenhower Golf Course
3. Ranger Station: 1003 Cecil Avenue, Millersville 21108
South Shore Trail

Consultants: 1-2. Pennoni Associates, Inc.,
3. TBD  
Project Status:

1. In Design (≈95%)
2. In Design (≈30%) and Right of Way process
3. Contract Initiation

Project Updates:
1. Paved Multi-Use Trail Phase II: Funding for construction approved. Clarifying right of way in process.
2. Paved Multi-Use Trail Phase IV:

3. Historic Building Renovation Ranger Station: HVAC upgrade will be explored. Occupancy loads of second story addressed.

Past Community Meeting Presentations

South Shore Trail
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