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Mayo Beach Park

Page Published: March 15, 2023
Address: 5140 Honeysuckle Drive, Mayo 21037 
Description of Work:

1. Shoreline stabilization.
2. Park Conditions Assessment.
The scope of work includes assessing the condition of various park structures, systems, and site amenities to improve functionality, safety aesthetics, accessibility, reliability, wayfinding, rental potential, and desirability.
3. Day Camp/Maintenance Building (Building #4)

In kind replacement of c.1939 building used for both day camp programs and Park maintenance and storage with a modern, more-efficient building of the same size or less

Mayo Beach Park  

1. BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc.
2. Wheeler Goodman Masek & Associates.
3. Wheeler Goodman Masek & Associates.

Project Status:

1. Bid and Awards Process
2. Construction
3. In Design

Project Updates:

1. Bid documents are expected in February. The next public meeting for the shoreline project is anticipated at pre-construction.
2. Repairs are underway. Various repairs to first floor offices. New siding and roofing now underway.

3. Recreation and Parks is holding a Public Meeting on April 13, 2023 from 7:00pm-8:30pm at Mayo Elementary School to present the 30% Schematic Design and receive input from the community.  Information about that meeting is linked below.

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