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General Rules

1. Admission fees must be paid, or passes shown upon entry to the pool.

2. No one is allowed to swim unless lifeguard is on duty and pool area is open.

3. Glass containers, beverages, pets, food and gum are prohibited in the pool, locker rooms and on the pool deck.

4. Any patron having an open wound, skin disease, nasal/ear discharge, inflamed eyes or any other communicable disease, will be prohibited from the pool and spa.

5. Patrons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will not be admitted to the facility.

6. All swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool.

7. Smoking is prohibited in the Arundel Olympic Swim Center.

8. County Health Regulations state that a child must be toilet trained.

9. Bathers must wear proper swimming apparel. No make shift suits are permitted.

10. Street shoes are not recommended in the pool area.

11. Running, pushing, and horseplay are prohibited at all times in the facility.

12. Swimmers are not permitted to hang on lane lines.

13. Kickboards are to be used in lap lanes only. Proper usage is required. (No sitting, throwing, or standing on them.)

14. Flotation devices, excluding water wings and/or U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejackets are prohibited.

15. Balls, dive sticks, water rings, noodles, etc. are prohibited in the pool except during an AOSC sponsored program.
16. Children must be 3 years old and completely toilet trained. It is encouraged that children 3 years of age and over AND of the opposite sex from their parent/guardian use the family changing room.
17. Lockers and a shower are available for use. You must provide your own lock for the lockers.
18. No photography equipment or cell phones of any kind can be used in the locker rooms.
The Recreation Department reserves the right to refuse admittance into the facility when the maximum capacity of the pool has been reached or when otherwise deemed necessary for the health, welfare or safety of its patrons. Patrons who continue to violate swimming pool rules and regulations are subject to ejection from the swimming pool.

Children’s Rules
1. Children 12 years and younger MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT.

2. Children 12 years and younger are the responsibility of the person bringing them to the pool. CHILDREN MUST NOT BE LEFT ALONE.

3. Children in flotation devices MUST HAVE DIRECT PARENT SUPERVISION.

4. During adult swim, children will not be allowed in the pool.
5. Children must be 3 years old and completely toilet trained. It is encouraged that children 3 years of age and over AND of the opposite sex from their parent/guardian use the family changing room. 
A swim test may be required of any child prior to their use of the diving board and swimming in the deep end, if deemed necessary by the pool manager or lifeguard. The test will consist of swimming one length of the pools (25 yds) without stopping.

Aquatic Facility Program/Lesson Scheduling/Group Use
Aquatic Facility Superintendent will schedule all programs including lessons in the facility.
All private individual and or group instruction must be scheduled through the Arundel Olympic Swim Center/North Arundel Aquatic Center by the Facility Superintendent. Fee based instruction without authorization and reservation is prohibited.
Groups of ten or more requesting recreational use (no instruction) of the facility must submit a request no later than one week in advance of the requested date and will be scheduled based on availability. Group leaders of groups requesting a reserved space in the aquatic facility must sign a rental agreement and be charged accordingly.
Time, space, and appropriate activities will be minimum standards when approval is being considered.