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West River Watershed

West River Watershed

Watershed Description

The West River Watershed is situated in the southeastern portion of the County. It includes the communities of Cumberstone, Owensville, Galesville, Beverly Beach, Sudely, West River, Chalk Point, Cedarlea, Avalon Shores, Shady Side, Idlewilde and Oakland.

The drainage area of the West River Watershed is approximately 7,809 acres. It is divided into 13 sub-watersheds. Major tributaries include South Creek, Lerch Creek, Tenthouse Creek, Popham Creek, Scaffold Creek, Cheston Creek, Smith Creek and Johns Creek. The Rhode River empties into the West River, which drains directly into the Chesapeake Bay.

Impervious surfaces represented by roads, building footprints, parking lots and other hard surfaces cover approximately 6% (~492 acres) of the West River watershed.

Watershed Assessment

The Watershed Protection and Restoration Program utilizes a watershed based approach to restoring and protecting our waterways. Assessments are conducted on each of the 12 primary watersheds to evaluate water conditions, establish priorities and goals for improvement, and take actions designed to restore or protect water quality.

The comprehensive watershed assessment for the West River watershed is currently under development.  Check here periodically for updates.

Local Watershed Organizations

Successful conservation and preservation of Anne Arundel County's watersheds takes teamwork. Here is a list of organizations that work to protect the West River watershed:

Arundel Rivers Federation
Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy

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