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Middle Patuxent Watershed

Middle Patuxent Watershed

Watershed Description

The Middle Patuxent Watershed is situated in the southwestern portion of Anne Arundel County. It includes the communities of Maryland Manor, Windsor Farm, Harwood Acres, Carrs Grant, Bayard, Lothian Woods, Waysons Corner, Pindell, Lyons Creek, Jewell, Traceys Landing and Greenock.  The Middle Patuxent watershed shares political boundaries with Prince George’s County along the Patuxent River to the west, and along Lyons Creek with Calvert County to the south.

The watershed is part of Maryland’s Patuxent River basin. The Patuxent River basin drains approximately 900 square miles of land, including portions of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Calvert, Charles, Howard, Prince George’s, Montgomery, and St. Mary’s Counties. Anne Arundel County's portion of the Middle Patuxent Watershed has a drainage area of approximately 29,820 acres. Major tributaries include Lyons Creek, Rock Branch, Ferry Branch, Wilson Owens Branch and Cabin Branch. There are 356 miles of streams in the watershed.  

Impervious surfaces represented by roads, building footprints, parking lots and other hard surfaces cover approximately 4.8% (~1,172 acres) of the Middle Patuxent watershed. Major landmarks include Jug Bay Wetland Sanctuary, Glendening Nature Preserve and Old South Country Club.

Woods occupy a majority of the Middle Patuxent watershed, representing approximately 38% of the total area. Collectively, residential land cover categories constitute almost 22% of the target territory, and row crops represent the next largest portion of the watershed occupying over 18% of the total area. Commercial, forested wetland, open space, open wetland, pasture/hay and transportation individually occupy 1 – 8 percent of the watershed; while industrial, mining and utilities individually occupy less than 1 percent of the area.

Watershed Assessment

The Watershed Protection and Restoration Program utilizes a watershed based approach to restoring and protecting our waterways. Assessments are conducted on each of the 12 primary watersheds to evaluate water conditions, establish priorities and goals for improvement, and take actions designed to restore or protect water quality.

A comprehensive watershed assessment for the Middle Patuxent watershed has been completed. The reports include a discussion of the water quality problems and sources of pollution and strategies for improving the water quality in the watershed. Click here to read more.

Local Watershed Organizations

Successful conservation and preservation of Anne Arundel County's watersheds takes teamwork. Here is a list of various organizations that work to protect the Middle Patuxent watershed:

Patuxent Riverkeeper
Scenic Rivers Land Trust
Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy


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