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2018 WPRP Grant Projects

Below is a list of organizations there were awarded funding for water quality improvement projects from the Chesapeake Bay Trust as part of Anne Arundel County's Watershed Restoration Grant Program in 2018.

OrganizationProject NameProject DescriptionFunding AmountMatch AmountEst. Impervious Acres Treated
Alliance for the Chesapeake BayAsbury United Methodist Church SPSC/Broadneck Park BMPsThe project’s main objective is to stabilize the channel to establish capacity to handle high flow events, reducing/eliminating flooding of the historic cemetery as a result, while creating an aesthetically pleasing, functioning water quality improvement system that will inspire and educate the local church community to be more engaged in their local watershed and ecosystems.$136,404$297,6350.88
South River FederationBacon Ridge Stream RestorationThe Bacon Ridge Branch stream restoration project will restore 4,350 linear feet of eroding stream using a low-impact log jam design. The project will reconnect the stream to its floodplain, provide improved stabilization, enhance and restore habitat, and provide nutrient-reduction benefits. The design is a natural, low-impact approach that features interlocking log jams placed at various points in the stream where they will act as grade control structures in place of typical rock weirs.$164,122$438,76643.5
South River FederationBroad Creek Health Department Phase II RestorationThe project will restore a 750 linear foot stormwater driven gully that flows into Broad Creek. The channel is highly unstable, leading to excessive delivery of sediment downstream during even minor storm events. By stabilizing the gully and constructing additional upslope stormwater detention and infiltration devices in the parking lot, the Federation will stop a significant source of sediment and nonpoint source pollution from entering Broad Creek.$370,746$125,8937.5
 Totals $671,272$862,29451.88

For more information please contact Katie Hart, Grant Manager, at 410-222-0136 or email.