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2016 WPRP Grant Projects

Below is a list of organizations there were awarded funding for water quality improvement projects from the Chesapeake Bay Trust as part of Anne Arundel County's Watershed Restoration Grant Program in 2016.

OrganizationProject NameProject DescriptionFunding AmountMatch AmountEst. Impervious Acres Treated
South River FederationSt. Anne's School of Annapolis Rain GardenProvide treatment of stormwater runoff from the school's roof by infiltrating the runoff instead of transporting it directly into a swale in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area in Annapolis.$15,000$80,2550.19
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Inc.RiverWise Congregations - Empowering Believers Rain GardensConstruction of three rain gardens to capture and treat stormwater flowing onto the church's property from neighboring roads and parking lots in Glen Burnie. $43,080$42,5950.96
South River FederationHealth Department Stream RestorationThe Broad Creek Department of Health restoration project will restore stability and functions to a 1,000 foot ephemeral stormwater driven gully in Annapolis.$100,000$566,75111.3
Chesapeake Rivers AssociationConventry Court Dry Channel RSCStabilize the currently eroding channel while capturing and treating runoff from an existing stormwater outfall by installing a step pool storm conveyance system upstream of an existing stream valley restoration project in Annapolis.$102,390$03.73
South River FederationTriState Marine Stormwater RetrofitInstall a stormwater wetland in order to capture and treat stormwater runoff flowing from the surrounding parking areas, buildings, and neighboring roads and residences in Deale.$164,010$201,00014.45
South River FederationKillarney House & Neighbors Beard Creek Community BMP'sAddress polluted stormwater runoff traveling across five commercial and residential properties, forested wetlands, bioretention swales, and a reforestation buffer will be installed as part of the project in Edgewater.$198,950$236,8008.00
Chesapeake Rivers AssociationWinchester on the Severn Dry Channel RSCStabilize a severely eroding gully and treat incoming stormwater runoff by installing a step pool storm conveyance system on community and private property in Annapolis.$299,953$3,5002.82
 Totals $923,383$1,130,90141.45

For more information please contact Katie Hart, Grant Manager, at 410-222-0136 or email.