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Shipley's Choice Dam Removal

Project Background

The Shipley's Choice Dam is a 20 ft high earthen embankment constructed in 1980 to create an instream stormwater management pond for the Shipley's Choice subdivision.  In 2006, an enlarged wet area was discovered on the dam's downstream slope prompting emergency corrective work.Further engineering evaluations determined that long term repairs would not be effective. 

  • Remove dam and provide stable stream system along Bear Branch.  
  • Replacement of 66" culvert pipe undeneath W. Benefield Rd.
  • Closure of W. Benfield Rd. between Pixie Drive and Severnside Dr.
  • Removal of dam embankment.
  • Monitoring stream segments that are below and above the dam area.
  • Rehabilitation of the entire Bear Branch stream segment (next phase)
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Project Details

The latest updates about this project can be found here.


  • Protection from potential property damage.
  • Bear Branch restoration will mimic the pre-development conditions.
  • Allows fish passage under W. Benfield and extends Bear Creek fish passage to north of Benfield Boulevard.
  • Reduce sediment flow to the Severn River.
Project Status
Construction Complete
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