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Old Bay Ridge Culvert Repair

Project Background

As a part of the County's effort to help reduce stormwater pollution that drains into our rivers and enhance aquatic habitat, the County identified the need to replace the failed culvert near Old Bay Ridge Road in Annapolis.  In addition, the project included the installation of a Step Pool Storm Conveyance System (SPSC) to convey and treat stormwater flows in the area.  

The County performed an emergency embankment breach and culvert repair within an existing decommissioned railroad embankment, in Annapolis, MD. The culvert spanned an unnamed tributary to Lake Ogleton, originating south of Old Bay Ridge Road. The failing culvert had caused several sinkholes to form, and stream flow appeared to be running through voids rather than confined within the existing pipe. The failing culvert posed a threat of flooding to the adjacent community. Repairs included the removal of the culvert, and establishment of a stable channel through the breached areas. Later phases of the repairs will include stormwater retrofits within the watershed, and restoration of upstream segments of the channel, north of the embankment.

Image Slideshow Old Bay Ridge Culvert Repair  
Project Details
Work to repair and restore this structure included breaching the existing 200 foot long, 60 foot wide, and 20 foot high railroad embankment, removing the deteriorated storm drain pipe, and establishing a stable stream channel through the breached areas by installing a Step Pool Storm Conveyance (SPSC) system.  A SPSC System is a unique solution to handle and filter stormwater runoff of mostly impervious surface area. The SPSC System will safely convey high flows of stormwater and will reduce nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment runoff in the downstream wetland. 
Project Status
Construction Complete
Severn River
Lake Ogleton
Project Length
220 linear feet
Total Drainage Area
127 Acres
Total Impervious Surface Area
Estimated Nitrogen Removal
870.7 lbs/year
Estimated Phosphorus Removal
55.7 lbs/year
Estimated Sediment Removal
24,400 lbs/year
Project Manager
Project Documents