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Forest Drive Outfall Retrofit

Project Background
Approximately 500 linear feet of an unnamed intermittent tributary to Spa Creek, a tributary to the Severn River, was identified for repair and stabilization. The project site originates at the downstream side of three culverts under Forest Drive, near the intersection of Hilltop Lane and Forest Drive, in Annapolis, Maryland. The area receives runoff from approximately 41 acres that is characterized as primarily residential and commercial land use.
Image Slideshow Forest Drive Outfall  
Project Details
Channel erosion had occurred over the years. Complaints regarding the channel erosion were reported to the County and the County undertook this project to stabilize the channel and reduce sediment load into Spa Creek.  A Step Pool Storm Conveyance system (SPSC) was designed and implemented to provide a stable transition from the outfalls at Forest Drive to the culvert under Merryman Road.  In addition to providing channel stability, the SPSC provides water quality treatment for the upstream watershed.
Project Status
Construction Complete
Severn River
Spa Creek
Project Length
Approx. 500 Linear Feet
Total Drainage Area
Total Impervious Surface Area
Estimated Nitrogen Removal
103.8 lbs/year
Estimated Phosphorus Removal
8.6 lbs/year
Estimated Sediment Removal
4,238 lbs/year
Project Manager
Project Documents