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Reports & Publications

Characterization of Post Restoration Conditions in Cowhide Branch

An Investigation of The Pre-Colonial Coastal Plain Stream Channel And Riparian Area - Anne Arundel County has partnered with the US Geological Survey to characterize historic conditions through a variety of assessment methods including radioisotope dating of the soil layers, identifying pollen and other plant materials found in the soils layers, and using trenching and other methods to identify the form of the historic stream channel underneath legacy sediments.

Monitoring the Effectiveness of Stormwater Treatment Practices at Reducing Pollutant Loads to Receiving Waters in the Magothy Watershed

Long Term Biological Monitoring Sites Condition Summary - 2016 Results

2015 Water Quality Monitoring of Mill and Dividing Creeks 

Rock Creek 2015 Water Quality Monitoring Results - Final Report

Characterization of Pre-restoration Conditions in the Cowhide Branch Subwatershed: 2012-2013