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Protecting Our Watershed

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Marsha works alongside our DPW&YOU family to help maintain our community and its waterways. As the leader in our environmental assessment and conservation efforts, Marsha takes her work very seriously because it has a direct impact on the Chesapeake Bay.


Pollution Prevention
One of the main causes of watershed pollution comes from stormwater runoff. Water from rainstorms, a.k.a. stormwater, eventually drains and enters our water system, including the Chesapeake Bay. We can’t control rainstorms, but we can control what gets picked up during runoff as it flows over your yard, pavement and parking lots. We focus on three key areas for environmental conservation efforts. These efforts help prevent pollutants like pet waste, leaves, oils, grease, detergents and trash.
stormwater facility retrofits
outfall repair
stream restoration
stormwater facility retrofits
outfall repair
stream restoration
Here’s How You Can Help

While we’re working to prevent contaminants from entering our waterways, you can help us reduce pollution by preventing what flows into storm drains. Check out these tips!

Take your car to a wash facility
Pick up after your pets
use a large barrel to collect rainwater
Practice Responsible Boating

We love working and living in a County with so many waterways available for use – whether it’s kayaking and boating or sitting back taking in the views. It takes hard work to maintain our waterways, but together we can keep them enjoyable, safe and clean for years to come!

For other important information and updates, visit the Bureau of Watershed Protection page and make sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

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