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Education and Outreach

Education and outreach are critical to preserving and improving the water quality in Anne Arundel County. Educating and motivating students, homeowners, and other stakeholders to take positive personal actions and work together for greater impact is our goal. HOA's, schools, and other community groups that want to learn more about our program, schedule a presentation, and/or schedule a site visit can contact our Education and Outreach Coordinator, Sally Albright at 410-222-0136 or via email

Use the links below to learn more about stormwater, identify tools and resources to take action, and find local watershed partners!


Understanding Stormwater:

  • Explore Your Watershed - Anne Arundel County consists of 12 primary watersheds and hundreds of sub-watersheds and all of them discharge directly into the Chesapeake Bay. Find yours!
  • The Science of Stormwater - What is stormwater? Where does it go? How does it get polluted, and how can we clean it? 
  • Mosquitoes and Stormwater BMPs - When designed right, mosquitoes are not a concern on restoration sites. Learn how mosquitoes can colonize on your project and how to avoid it! 
  • Living with BeaversBeavers are nature's engineers! Learn all about your amazing, native neighbor and all the important jobs they do!
  • Stormwater Quiz - Test your knowledge with this 10-question True/False Stormwater Quiz on Quizlet!
  • Rhode River Bacteria Brochure - The historic Rhode River offers boaters a variety of on-the-water experiences, from birdwatching in your kayak, fishing and crabbing, to swimming in the many secluded creeks. However, recent recurrences of excessive bacteria pollution can spoil boating, swimming, and fishing.


Tools to Take Action:

  • Reduce Stormwater Pollution at Your Home - Explore simple things you can do around your home and in your yard to help reduce the flow of stormwater pollution
  • Install a Rain Garden - Rain gardens are the perfect mix of function and beauty! Learn how to install a rain garden at your home to manage stormwater runoff.
  • Maintenance Guidance for Stormwater BMPs - Explore a selection of typical BMPs found in the region and suggested maintenance actions to keep your BMP functional to ensure water quality is protected. 
  • Storm Drain Marking Program - Help protect our County’s waterways from pollution by organizing your class, scout group, family, and neighbors to place storm drain markers in your neighborhood. By marking storm drains, you’re letting neighbors know that only rain belongs down the drain!
  • Pet Waste Reduction CampaignLearn more about the relationship between pet waste and water quality, and find free materials to start a pet waste reduction campaign in your neighborhood!
  • Responsible Boating Guide - While most boaters appreciate the natural resources that abound in the watersheds in which they recreate, many are unaware of the impacts boating can have upon those resources. 
  • Waterfront Homeowner's GuideWaterfront living provides a lifetime of memories. Recognizing your role in caring for the shoreline ensures that you—as well as future generations—will be able to enjoy our shared marine resource.

beachwood clean-up

BWPR Stormwater Funding/Reimbursement Opportunities:

Target ApplicantsProgram Title & LinkProgram FocusFunding Range
501c Non-Profit Organizations

Anne Arundel County / Chesapeake Bay Trust Watershed Restoration Grant Program

This program funds the implementation of construction-ready stormwater Best Management Practices on community- or County-owned property

Up to $300,000 per project, $1M total awarded annually

Private Stormwater ContractorsFull Delivery of Water Quality Improvements "Turnkey" ContractsThis program supports private contractors that go above and beyond to incorporate cost-effective stormwater BMPs in their development projects.Funding availability varies from year to year, contact BWPR for more information
Anne Arundel County ResidentsStormwater Management Property Tax CreditFor residents installing a stormwater BMP on their private property, the County offers a one-time reimbursement via your property taxes for the initial install costs.up to 10% reimbursement (up to $10,000), one-time reimbursement per BMP
Anne Arundel County ResidentsWatershed Protection & Restoration Fee CreditResidents installing a stormwater BMP on their private property are eligible to claim a discount to your Watershed Protection & Restoration Fee (annual property taxes).up to 50% off your property's WPRF fee, annually renewable


Get to know some of your local watershed partners!


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