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Recycling News: Plastic bags and wrap are no longer accepted curbside for recycling.
Recyclables should be placed loose and unbagged inside of recycling containers. Never enclose recyclables inside of plastic bags. More Recycling Information
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Recycling Information

Visit Recycle.More.Often for more information about the County's Recycling Initiatives.
Household Recycling and Trash MADE SIMPLE Printable Version

Recyclables are collected curbside once a week, Monday through Friday, by private haulers under contract to Anne Arundel County on your collection day.  Recyclables will either be collected before or after your trash is collected. Collection vehicles, marked with an official recycling logo and the name of the private hauler will come by to collect your recyclables. No one other than the contract hauler should remove recyclables from your container and any suspicious activity should be reported to our customer service representatives at 410-222-6100.

Sort Recyclables into Two Types

  • Put all household recyclables together in the same container(s). Reference the list of Materials Accepted to determine items that are recyclable and can be picked up curbside.
  • Yard waste should be set out separately. If not containerized, branches must be tied into bundles (not to exceed 4 ft/ length or 4" diameter).


Additional Tips

  • Do not use a County issued yellow container for yard waste. Use another type of durable, reusable container that works best for you, marked with large "X's" visible to the collection crew.  The "X" lets the collection crew know it’s recycling.
  • Plastic bags and plastic film are no longer accepted in the curbside recycling program. Return clean and dry bags to a local grocery store or County Recycling Center for recycling.
  • Do not put paper, plastic, metal, and glass recyclables inside of plastic bags. Keep materials loose and unbagged in the same recycling container.
  • Shredded paper is accepted for recycling, but it must be contained inside of a paper bag or envelope and then taped or stapled shut. You can put it with your other curbside recyclables or drop it off at your nearest recycling center. Please note that paper yard waste bags should never be used to contain shredded paper or other household recyclables for curbside collection. Click here for instructions on packing shredded paper.
  • Recycle every week so your recycling containers won't be too heavy for you or the collectors. (Loaded containers cannot weigh more than 40 lbs. each.) This does not apply to residents using the County issued yellow 65 gallon cart.
  • Use containers that one person can lift from the curb to the recycling truck. Containers must have handles.
  • There is no limit on the amount of recyclables you can put out for collection.
  • Keep your yard and street clean by securing papers and plastic bottles in their containers so they won’t blow around before the recycling truck arrives.
  • If paper gets wet, it’s okay - We can still recycle it.

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