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Know Before You Go: Landfill & Recycling Centers

Live camera views of the Millersville Landfill and Northern, Central, and Southern Recycling Centers are available to show the line of vehicles waiting to enter each Waste Management Services facility. Camera View Details


For the best experience, PLAN AHEAD

  • Skip the Trip. Use your curbside collection program for your household trash, recycling, yard waste, Bulky Trash Item, and Bulk Metal collection.
  • Check facility traffic. Visit this page before you leave to check the status of vehicles awaiting entrance to a facility.
  • Organize your load according to the groups of materials accepted at our facilities. This will allow you to unload your separated materials quickly and safely. If you have large quantities of particular material types, consider bringing only one material type per trip.
  • Secure the items you’re hauling in the back of your vehicle or trailer. It’s the law. Large, unsecured items can fall off and cause problems in travel lanes. Small, loose items can litter the roads when they fly out from open vehicles.

 The Millersville Landfill and all Recycling Centers operate Monday through Saturday from 8am – 4pm, excluding observed holidays.