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Page Background

Department of Public Works Vision & Mission

Land Use Core Group Vision


Our vision is that development in Anne Arundel County will proceed in a manner that is well planned and respectful of private property rights; ensures that our citizens live and work in safe structures; provides the infrastructure necessary to support and enhance our quality of life; promotes economic expansion and job creation; protects our open spaces and historic structures; and offers ample opportunities for recreation, athletic participation and interaction with our natural environment.


Mission of the Department of Public Works

Our mission is to:

  • provide safe drinking water in public service areas
  • manage the collection and processing of wastewater in public service areas
  • manage collection, processing and recycling of solid waste
  • design and construct public works, including roads, bridges, governmental buildings and plants
  • construct, maintain and restore County roads
  • restore County waterways, and
  • administer the County’s MS-4 Stormwater Permit.