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Award Winning Wastewater Treatment

logoThe Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works, Bureau of Utility Operations has a long standing history of wastewater treatment excellence.  The Peak Performance Awards recognizes National Association of Clean Water Agency (NACWA) member agency facilities for excellence in permit compliance.  

This year, the Broadwater Water Reclamation Facillity (WRF) earned another Platinum Peak Performance Award for 20 years of 100% permit compliance!  The Maryland City WRF had zero permit exceptions for the fourth consecutive year to earn another gold award and will be eligible for the platinum award in 2018. The Annapolis and Mayo WRFs also received gold awards for perfect compliance in 2016.  The Broadneck and Patuxent plants had five or fewer exceptions last year and received silver awards.

Platinum Awards

Platinum Awards recognize 100% compliance with permits over a consecutive five-year period.  Platinum Awards will be given to facilities with a consistent record of full compliance for a consecutive five year period

If 100% compliance is maintained beyond the initial award, Platinum Award status is continued.  Should 100% compliance not be maintained, member agency facilities must receive four consecutive Gold Awards to again be eligible for another Platinum Award in their fifth year of compliance.

Gold Awards

Gold Awards are presented to facilities with no permit violations for the entire calendar year.

Silver Awards

Silver Awards are presented to facilities with no more than five violations per calendar year.  All treatment facility applicants must be publicly owned by a current NACWA member agency and be in operation for at least one month or more during a calendar year. Treatment facilities must provide, at minimum, secondary treatment, or advanced primary treatment with a 301(h) waiver. Additionally, there are no facility capacity minimums for Peak Performance Award eligibility.

Peak Performance