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Forms & Publications

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Department of Public Works' grinder pump guide for Anne Arundel County.
Department of Public Works' septic tank guide for homes or businesses in Mayo, Maryland.
All haulers are required to obtain a Hauled Waste Discharge Permit before they can discharge their waste into any of the County approved receiving facilities.
Form (PDF)
Anne Arundel County Public Works Pretreatment Program
Form (PDF)
Form for receiving adjustment to Utility account for water used to fill Swimming pool
Form (PDF)
Department of Public Works utility billing rates that are effective July 2019.
Supplemental Form B
Form (PDF)
Wastewater Discharge Permit Application A
Form (PDF)
Wastewater Discharge Permit Application B
Form (PDF)
Instructions for Wastewater Discharge Permit Application B
In order to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act, Anne Arundel County has established a Pretreatment Program to control the discharge of wastes to the county wastewater system.
Form (PDF)
The Department of Public Works provides a yearly water quality report