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Tap Connection Permit Information

Connection permit website addresses:


Permit Center

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Prior to release of Tap Permit:

Effective January 1, 2021 the current connection contract will no longer be available for use for connections to water and wastewater systems. Please go to the following webpage for details on the new connection process.

After release of Tap permit

Effective January 9, 2021 the connection contract is not available for use. Please go to the following link for details on making a connection to a water and wastewater system using the new Tap Connection Permit process.

Tap Connection Permit Webpage language

The Tap Connection Permit allows a licensed utility contractor to connect to water and wastewater systems within the County R/W. The Tap Connection Permit replaces the previous connection contract method using the County’s contractor to install water and/or wastewater connections and allows the property owners to employ their own Anne Arundel licensed utility contractor to install the connection.

Permit Application/Tap Connection process:

1. Applicant completes Water/Wastewater Tap Connection Permit application and collects required documentation to be submitted via the LAND USE NAVIGATOR (LUN)

2. DPW shall review all applications within two business days after receipt of the application from Permits.

a. Further time may be required on some applications, if this is needed applicants shall be notified.

3. After approval of the Water/Sewer Tap Application, the process for the Public Utility Portion will be as follows:

a. Anne Arundel County Licensed Utility Contractors shall obtain a TAP permit from Department of Inspections and Permits via the LUN system

b. Contact the Bureau of Utility Operations Construction Inspection Supervisor at 410-222-3274, a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours in advance to verify the date that was scheduled in the LUN system is available for a Pre-Construction Conference. The utility contractor(s) responsible for work under this Water/Sewer Tap Connection Permit shall be in attendance with a copy of approved permit and contract drawings.

i. Miss Utility Ticket must be cleared prior to scheduling Pre-Construction Meeting

c. The work must be accomplished under the inspection of the Bureau of Utility Operations.


4. Upon acceptance of the Water/Wastewater connection installation and all required documentation has been submitted the inspector shall issue a release for connection permit. This will allow the licensed plumber to obtain a permit to connect the onsite plumbing to the connection.


The water/wastewater connection requires a Public Works Agreement (PWA) if the connection:

  • Is connecting to a main located at a depth of 18 feet or greater
  • If an easement is needed for any part of the service connection, except when the easement is already recorded and filed as part of the subdivision. A copy of the recorded easement shall be included with the application if this is the case.
  • Is to be installed within the State Highway right-of-way.
  • Is where there are more than 3 lots.
  • The water service pipe diameter is greater than 2 inches
  • The sewer service pipe diameter is greater than 6 inches

For more detailed information, please contact the Construction Inspection Supervisor in the DPW Utility Operations division by phone at (410)-222-3274 or by email ([email protected])

Obtaining a Public Works Agreement:

As an alternative to the Water/Wastewater Tap Connection Permit, an applicant may connect to water or sewer by obtaining a Public Works Agreement through the County Permit Center and using an Anne Arundel County licensed utility contractor.


Call the Department of Inspections and Permits, Permit Center at (410) 222-7730 for information.