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Report potholes found on County roads. The Bureau of Highways will respond/repair the pothole within 2 business days.
By installing a rain garden you can improve water quality in local streams, rivers, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.
Homeowners, Utilities, and their contractors may require a Right-of-Way permit to undertake certain repairs and construction within the the County.
Returning roads to Private Persons
Acceptance of Private Roads by the County
The Bureau of Highways engages in activities to protect the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries from the impacts of our road network. Effective Drainage is essential to this effort.
The Infrastructure Management Division is responsible for the inventory, inspection, and repaving of County-maintained roads.
The Bureau of Highways performs maintenance activities to keep the County's roadside's safe and in good condition. Learn how to report a concern to the appropriate Road District.
The Bureau of Highways is responsible for the removal of snow from all County-maintained roadways. Determine the level of service for your street and enter a request for service.
The Bureau of Highways addresses specific Traffic Engineering and Maintenance concerns.
The County has a process for dealing with overgrown grass/noxious weeds on private property.