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Curb & Gutter Repair

Anne Arundel County is responsible for maintenance of approximately 1,390 miles of asphalt and concrete curbline. Work includes patching or replacement of curbing, depending on the severity of the problem. Minor repair work is completed by the appropriate road district. Jobs larger in scope are completed utilizing contractors and are handled by the Bureau's Infrastructure Management Division where they are prioritized based on severity and available funds. This type of work is normally performed between the months of April to November due to the temperature requirements when using asphalt and concrete.

Requests for new curb and gutter will be evaluated by the appropriate road district. Normally, new asphalt curbing is installed by district forces only to control drainage. While curbing is one of several methods used to control drainage, it is not the most environmentally friendly one. Open swales (small indentations in the road shoulder) convey the water while allowing for natural infiltration of sediment along the way, thus protecting the water quality in our streams and rivers. New concrete curbing is only installed by developers when communities or commercial properties are constructed.

Requests for curb and gutter repair should be directed to the appropriate road districtRoad districts are open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. A supervisor will investigate your concern and respond to you within one week (one day if it is an emergency) to advise you of a schedule for any needed work. If the work needed to resolve your request is larger in scope, your request will be referred to the Infrastructure Management Division for prioritization. A representative from that division will keep you informed of the status of your request.

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