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Solley Road at Chestnut Spring Lane Public Meeting on Thursday, June 28, 2018
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Jones Station and Mago Vista Road Intersection Study

The Anne Arundel Traffic Engineering Division (TED) conducted a traffic safety study at the intersection of Jones Station Road and Mago Vista Road in response to a number of citizen concerns we received. Two public meetings were arranged by the Mago Vista Area Civic Association where TED discussed these concerns and outlined our plan to mitigate the traffic safety issues observed. Below, you will find the exact script we presented at the most recent meeting held on September 18, 2017 which outlines our study efforts and provides maps and videos depicting the issues and mitigation alternatives. We invite you to review this study and become familiar with the issues and our improvement strategies.

Anne Arundel County’s study of the intersection of Jones Station Road and Mago Vista Road

Map 1 - Mago Vista Harting Farm General Ariel View
Map 2 - Mago Vista Harting Farm Current Inspection
Map 3 - Mago Vista Jones Station 1970
Map 4 - Mago Vista Sight Lines
Map 5 - Mago Vista Harting Farm Dr. Pavement Sign Changes
Map 6 - Mago Vista Harting Farm Dr. All Way Stop Control
Map 7 - Mago Vista Harting Farm Dr. Mini Roundabout
Video Library  
Video 1 - Jones Station and Mago Vista     
Video 2 - Existing AM  
Video 3 - Existing PM  
Video 4 - AWSC AM  
Video 5 - AWSC PM  
Video 6 - Roundabout AM   
Video 7 - Roundabout PM