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Here-to-there Highway Care

Axel Thumb
Axel brings truckloads of knowledge about our >6,812 County roads. He sees firsthand how the bureau's four divisions – Road Operations, Infrastructure Management, Traffic Engineering and Administration – maintain the structure and safety of our roads and knows exactly how YOU can join us in our efforts. Watch this video.
The Seasons of Highway Care
For even more information on our seasonal services, click here.
Working Together for Our Safety
With the County's roadway system measuring 1,825 miles long, it’s hard being everywhere at once. This is where you come into play! Submit a report online, by phone or via the SeeClickFix app. Check out the video below to determine which roads we maintain so you know who to call. Remember, GREEN means CO.
Driving through our community, you likely come across our team hard at work improving our roadways. While we’re working to make safer conditions for you and your family, keep us safe by following the three simple tips in this video.


Knowing proper roadway safety is important for all residents – not just those driving down the streets. Download the materials below to share with your school-aged kids.
Highways Callout
Highways Callout