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DPW&YOU - Here-to-there Highway Care



With a firsthand look at how AACDPW maintains our County's 6,812 roads, Axel knows residents can expect high-quality service through the work of the bureau's four divisions - Road Operations, Infrastructure Management, Traffic Engineering, and Administration.  Just as the bureau's services vary between divisions, their area of focus also fluctuate between seasons. 

Weather Winter Storms
Many of us are not thinking about snow and ice during the summer, but that's exactly when AACDPW begins planning for the winter season by evaluating our fleet of vehicles and staffing needs. Your Highway Care guide, Axel is among 74 dump trucks working to make our roads safe for residents. As part of our safety procedures, we store 17,000 tons of salt in seven different facilities throughout the County. See the video below to watch Axel in action!
Snow Plow




For even more information on how to weather winter storms, visit To know what Axel is up to during other seasons, check out the graphic below!

The Seasons of Highway Care
Help Axel and AACDPW keep our roads clean and safe

If you're wondering how you can help keep our roads clean and safe, Axel's got just the solution! With the County's roadway system measuring a total length of 1,825 miles, he and his AACDPW team can't be everywhere at once. So, it's important that if you see an issue in your neighborhood, let your friends at the Bureau of Highways know. Submit a report online or via phone by simply finding the contact information for your road district.

To learn even more about Here-to-there Highway Care, download our fact sheet

Axel’s truck-loads of knowledge is for everyone to enjoy! Download his school materials for all ages.

Check back regularly for more Here-to-there Highway Care tips and insights from Axel. You can also see him trucking along on AACDPW's Facebook and Twitter pages.