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Beverly Triton Beach and Mayo Beach Area Traffic Calming Activities

May 2018

Anne Arundel County Traffic Engineering Division has been working with the Saunders Point and Shoreham Community Associations to address the various traffic concerns of their residents. These concerns are focused in and around the Shoreham and Saunders Point Communities. As a part of the Neighborhood Traffic Control process, numerous meetings were held where various traffic issues were brought to our attention. These meetings consisted of a small committee of residents from within each community, representatives from the County’s Traffic Engineering Division, and Michelle Corkadel of the County Executive’s office.


Saunders Point Community

After the community-wide final presentation on March 15, 2018, it was agreed that the following traffic mitigation strategies will be implemented by the Traffic Engineering Division for the Saunders Point Community:

Speed Control on Triton Beach Road

  • Lower speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph.
  • Installation of a Speed Activated Speed Limit Sign which will flash when motorists are speeding.
  • Installation of Pavement Marking Rumble Strips on yellow center lines and white edge lines at sharp curve near park entrance.
  • Radar display board to be placed periodically on roadside prior to park entrance – will display drivers speed and flash when exceeding speed limit.
  • Request for an increase in police speed enforcement.

Traffic Control Sign improvement on Shoreham Beach Road

  • Post new curve warning signs with an advisory speed of 20 mph.
  • A new guidance sign to alert visitors to Mayo Beach that they must keep left on Shoreham Beach Rd. This sign will prevent park visitors from going to the community by mistake.
  • Additional park guidance signs which will alert park visitors to whether park is open, closed or at capacity. These signs will allow park visitors to turn around well in advance of park entrances and communities. The status of the park signs will be updated by park rangers as necessary.
  • Vegetation along right of way to be trimmed and maintained for better sight lines.
Many of traffic concerns expressed by the residents of Saunders Point focused around the activity of the guests and patrons of Beverly Triton Beach Park. In coordination with the Parks and Recreation Department of Anne Arundel County, the Traffic Engineering Division will implement the following mitigation strategies:
Intersection improvement at Triton Beach Rd and Carvel Lane (Park Entrance)
  • Posting new 25 mph speed limit sign prior to park entrance.
  • New park guidance signage to prevent park visitors from entering community by mistake.
  • New crosswalk to alert motorists to pedestrians’ presence near park entrance.
  • New ‘No Outlet’ signage to prevent motorists and park visitors from cutting through neighborhood.
  • Approximately 50 feet of parking in grassy lot north of park entrance to be kept clear to improve sight lines for motorist and pedestrians

Shoreham Beach Communities

The Traffic Engineering Division is currently conducting a new traffic study to address the concerns of the Shoreham Beach Community. Although we are in the early phases of our traffic study, we have already decided to move forward with the following traffic calming strategies:
Improvements to Honeysuckle Drive
  • Lower speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph.
  • A new speed limit sign is to be installed at the end of Honey Suckle Drive to alert park visitors of the speed limit as they exit the park.
  • Speeds and Volumes to be recorded in early July 2018 (machine count & radar) to determine if Traffic Calming measures are warranted.
  • New parking restrictions to be installed on the east side of road from park entrance to a point 1300 feet to the north.
  • New park guidance signs to prevent park visitors from going into to the community by mistake.
It is our goal to continue to work with these communities (and others) to address their traffic concerns in a timely and professional manner. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the Traffic Engineering Division at (410) 222-7331.