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Connecting Our Community

Capital projects, or long-term projects, build, improve, maintain or develop resources for Anne Arundel County’s needs. Learn how you can contribute to the Capital Project process by checking out this video.


Learn about upcoming Anne Arundel County projects, meet project managers and more during public hearings related to capital projects. Check out our meeting calendar to see what hearings are coming up and how you can be a part of them to make your voice heard.

Our dynamic team regularly collaborates to connect our community to the following premier services that make Anne Arundel County the best place to live and work.
Making a difference, together, requires collaboration and connection – within our teams and with you.

Without everyone working together, our roads would be uneven, our storm drains would overflow or our buildings would not be structurally sound. Yikes! We're all an integral cog in this machine and without just one piece, we would not be the community we all know and love.

For other important information and updates, visit the Bureau of Engineering page and make sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
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