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DPW&YOU - Connecting Our Community


The final member of the extended AACDPW family rolled into town, joining Splash, the Binjamins, and Axel, to help ensure we all live and work in a safe and sustainable environment.

Linc, from the the Bureau of Engineering, typically stays behind the scenes to help put plans in motion and connect our community. Working with each of the other Bureaus to manage our capital projects (also known as long-term projects to build, improve, maintain, or develop resources our County needs), you may see Linc's team of project managers in your neighborhood. Click here to view our Capital Project process.

Over the last year, you've met Linc's friends - Splash, the Binjamins and Axel. They're the best in the business! This dynamic team, along with their Bureaus, regularly collaborate to connect our community to the premier services that make Anne Arundel County a wonderful place to live and work.

Let's let Linc reminisce about her work with her friends...
Making a difference, together, requires collaboration and connection - with each other and with you, the resident. 

Linc makes an extra effort to connect her friends every day. Without everyone working together, our roads may be uneven, we could experience storm water flooding, or buildings may not be structurally sound. Yikes!  We're all an integral cog in the AACDPW machine and without Linc, her friends and our residents, Anne Arundel County would not be the community we all know and love.

Check back regularly for more information from Linc on how the Bureau of Engineering is Connecting Our Community. you can also find her, and her friends, working hard on our Facebook and Twitter pages.