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Poplar Trail Extension - Feasibility Study

Project Background:

The final technical report for this study has been completed and is available using the link below. This includes a recommendation for a preferred trail alignment, which incorporates public input from Winter 2020/2021. Anne Arundel County is not conducting public outreach at this time but encourages residents, property owners, and stakeholders to reach out with questions using the Project Manager's contact information below.

Final Report (January 2022)


Anne Arundel County is aiming to provide a connected trail network throughout the county while also providing links on trail networks that span multiple states. As part of this vision, the County is studying the feasibility of connecting the existing Poplar Trail and the existing South Shore Trail to improve non-motorized access between residential communities, retail, employment centers, schools, and healthcare.

This project, partially funded through a Maryland Department of Transportation Bikeways Program Grant Agreement, is focused on evaluating three alternative route alignments to close a gap in the existing trail network and provide a link between western Annapolis, Parole, and points to the north. This is part of the County’s larger planned network that will connect to the existing B&A Trail and the partially constructed South Shore Trail extending towards Odenton. This link will also be part of two multi-state trail routes:  the East Coast Greenway, which extends from Maine to Florida; and the American Discovery Trail, which will span from Delaware to California.

The proposed shared-use path would be paved and possibly buffered from motorized traffic, as shown in the information below. The goal of the study is to select a preferred route and develop a concept-level design for the path, providing inviting and accessible facilities for bicycle and pedestrian travel. The study will incorporate several issues, including but not limited to safety, connectivity, convenience, impacts to adjacent properties, environmental impacts, and cost. 

Opportunities to provide feedback are described in the presentation and in the 'Feedback' section near the bottom of this page.    

Additional Information

Three potential alignments have been identified: 

1) West Street (MD 450)
2) Old Solomons Island Road (MD 393) and Somerville Road
3) Admiral Drive

West Street
West Street

Old Solomons Island Road
Old Solomons Island Road

Admiral Drive
Admiral Drive

The planned path will either be away from the road or adjacent to but physically separated from the road, depending on the route and the location along the trail. Typical trail cross-sections for these different conditions can be seen in the link below.

A map of the study area can been seen at the link below, highlighting the potential trail route alignments and other nearby pedestrian and bicycle facilities. 

The benefits of this project include reduced conflict between non-motorized and motorized traffic by providing a separated off-road trail.  A new trail would encourage travelers to consider making trips by walking or bicycling instead of driving and would improve accessibility for those who may not have access to a car.  This facility would provide a connection between existing trails, creating a more direct and complete trail network in Anne Arundel County and beyond.
Project Manager/Contact:
Adam Greenstein
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