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H539620 Conway Road

Project Background:
The scope of this project is for a planning-level study only with concept-level plans. However, a capital project may be initiated in the future to implement the recommendations of the study if deemed justified by the County.

Anne Arundel County is proposing to upgrade conditions along Conway Road from MD Route 3 to its western terminus to improve travel conditions for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Modifications are being considered along the corridor and at several intersections to improve traffic operations, safety, mobility, and accessibility for all modes of travel. Changes to design at key intersections may be considered, but no additional through lanes along Conway Road will be recommended. With anticipated growth in traffic in the area, including from future development such as the planned West County Elementary School, the County aims to provide transportation facilities that better align with existing and future local needs.

Upgraded accessibility, mobility, and safety for non-motorized roadway users is being considered in the form of facilities that would separate pedestrians and bicyclists from motorist traffic, including on-road bicycle lanes, sidewalks, or shared-use paths. With the WB&A Trail going through this area, improved conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists are of heightened importance.
The Conway Road area experiences regular roadway flooding, often resulting in road closures. Those living or traveling within Anne Arundel County south of Conway Road and west of MD Route 3 are bound by the Patuxent River and the AMTRAK/MARC railroad tracks with no alternate access in the case of emergencies or roadway closures. This study will include an assessment of possible future roadway connections from Conway Road to MD Route 3 and other major roadways to the south.

Additional Information

A report has been drafted on existing conditions along with a preliminary assessment of projected growth in vehicular traffic in the area. Recommendations for improvements along the corridor have not yet been evaluated. At this stage of the project, the County is looking for input from the public on potential options to be considered for evaluation.

Those who will be affected by this project include local property owners, residents, business owners and consumers, commuters, and tourists. Local walking and bicycling advocacy groups, homeowners’ associations, environmental advocacy groups, and those associated with local business entities will have potential interest.

Conway Road


Please take a few moments to provide input via the interactive map below, where you can place comments or questions at specific locations along the corridor. These resources will be available until April 1, 2022.

Interactive Map

A virtual public meeting was held on March 23, 2022.  Below are two versions of the slides used in our presentation - PDF and audio/video recording. The entire meeting was recorded -- a link to the video recording is also available below, along with a transcript of the audio and all chat entries.

PDF Presentation Slides
Audio/Video Presentation

Full Meeting Recording

Full Meeting Transcript

Full Meeting Chat Record
After all public input is received, compiled, and reviewed by the County, a report will be drafted evaluating future conditions with potential improvement options. This report will be shared with communities in the area for further input by summer 2022.

Growth in development in the area will result in increased travel demand, and existing traffic operational and safety concerns have been noted by communities in the area. New and upgraded pedestrian and bicycle facilities are needed. The goals of the project are to address current roadway design deficiencies, improve travel operations by managing current and forecasted volumes, reduce crash potential, improve pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, and minimize impacts to the natural and built environment.
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Adam Greenstein
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