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Anne Arundel County Government will be closed on Friday, April 19, 2019 for the Good Friday Holiday.
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Making a difference, together

Making a difference, together



The work of AACDPW's four bureaus - Utility Operations, Waste Management Services, Highways, and Engineering - strive to ensure you, our residents, live and work in a safe and sustainable environment.  Our team of experts feel uniquely invested in your community because for 71 percent of them, Anne Arundel County is their community. 

Enhancing our community and quality of life requires a joint effort.  Join us in serving as responsible stewards of Anne Arundel County by learning more about our every-day work and the simple steps you can take at home to support our mission. 

Click the pages above to hear from Splash, the Binjamin family, Axel and Linc on what we can do to make a difference together.