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Police Cadet

Cadet Program

Police Cadet
Starting Salary: $15.92 an Hour
  • Cadet Position Information
    The Anne Arundel County Police Cadet Program is a part-time paid position intended for young adults with aspirations to become police officers by the age of 21. Police cadets are uniformed civilian employees who work approximately 24-40 hours per week in a variety of assignments around the department. Cadets in the program help accomplish the mission of the police department while contributing to the function of its various units.
  • Minimum Requirements
    Minimum age of 18-years-old, but no more than 21-year old at the time of appointment. Must be a United States citizen. Possess a valid Driver’s License. Graduated from high school or possess a G.E.D certificate.
    ** No Felony or Serious Misdemeanor Convictions.
  • How to Apply
    We are no longer accepting applications for the Police Cadet program until further notice. For more information, please contact Special Investigator Ken Evans at: [email protected].

    Preliminary Personal History Statement
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    What is the starting salary?
    • $15.92 per hour with a max of 1500 hours per year.
    What does the application process consist of?
    •  The application process consists of submission of an application, an oral panel interview and a thorough background investigation.  
     What are some of the things that police cadets do while on the job?
    • Police Cadets provide support to the units they work in by assisting with criminal data collection, traffic direction, evidence grid searches, attend training, ride-a-longs, etc.  
    Can I go to school (college) and still be a cadet?
    • Cadets are encouraged to continue their studies while working at the Anne Arundel County Police Department. Cadet work schedules are extremely flexible and include both day and evening availability.
  • Questions?
    For questions, please contact our Police Department Recruiters at (410) 222-8677, email them at [email protected], or contact us on Facebook at
Corporal Joshua Dubroc
Anne Arundel County Police Department
Recruitment Unit

(410) 222-4513
Virtual or In-Person Meetings Available

Corporal Jose Cruz-Miranda
Anne Arundel County Police Department
Recruitment Unit (Hispanic Liaison Officer)
(410) 222-0786
Virtual or In-Person Meetings Available

Corporal Ming Yee
Anne Arundel County Police Department
Recruitment Unit

(410) 222-8558
Virtual or In-Person Meetings Available


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