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Police Benefits

Disability (Sick) Leave - Police Officer & 911 Operator
Classified employees earn disability leave at a rate of 1.25 workdays for each full month of service to a maximum of 15 days a year. There is no restriction on the amount of disability leave that can be accumulated and carried forward to the next calendar year. Anne Arundel County Government does not currently have a long-term disability program. Unused disability leave can also be converted to service for computing retirement benefit.
Deferred Compensation - Police Officer & 911 Operator
The Deferred Compensation Plan. This Plan allows employees to make pretax salary contributions into an account consisting of one or more investment funds. Employees select the investment fund(s) from among those offered and all investment earnings are tax deferred the same as pretax salary contributions.
Participation in the Deferred Compensation Plan is completely voluntary.
Pension Plan - Police Officer & 911 Operator
Pension Plan participation is mandatory.
Educational Assistance - Tuition Reimbursement Police Officer & 911 Operator
Educational assistance is provided to permanent employees who complete pre-approved educational courses related to their job or for credits toward a degree or certificate.
Reimbursement is offered for direct tuition cost only and does not include fees or service charges.
Employee Assistance Program - Police Officer & 911 Operator
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential service for employees and members of their immediate family who have problems, which may interfere with their ability to work. Through the EAP, skilled clinicians can help the employee or the employee’s family members identify problems and decide on a course of action to solve them. The EAP can provide assessment, short-term solution, and referral for follow-up assistance through one or more of the many service providers throughout the area.  Lists of certified child care providers are also available.
Health Insurance Police Officer & 911 Operator
The Health Insurance Program for Anne Arundel County Government employees is designed to allow each employee to choose his or her own benefit plan from among several different benefit options, selecting only those that best meet his/her needs.
The cost of these benefits is shared between the County and the employee. Any deductions/ contributions for benefits and/or health or dependent care spending accounts are deducted from salaries on a pre-tax basis. As a result, the tax liability is reduced since contributions are be made on a pretax basis.
Health insurance includes medical, dental, vision and flexible spending account options.
Life Insurance Police Officer & 911 Operator
County employees are offered term life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance based on their employment classification.
Employees have the opportunity to purchase additional amounts of term life insurance, including accidental death and dismemberment, from $30,000 to a maximum amount of $200,000. Rates may change annually.
Take Home Car Program Police Officer ONLY!
Police Officers who are residents of Anne Arundel County are furnished with a marked Patrol Car which may be parked at their residences and used for limited personal business within the County.  Gasoline, oil, and maintenance is provided by the County. 
Voluntary Benefits Police Officer & 911 Operator
The Voluntary Benefit Program provides employees an opportunity to enroll in any or all of the benefits listed below with the convenience of payroll deduction.
Short Term Disability Income Protection - Each employee will have the choice of selecting from two disability plans that have options of 14 or 30 day elimination periods prior to the start of monthly benefits payments. Disabled employees will receive 60% of their salary, tax-free, for up to six months of continuous disability.
Long Term Care - Employees may purchase individual long term care (LTC) policies for themselves, spouses, dependents and parents on a Guaranteed Issue basis with no physical exams and liberal underwriting for dependents.
United Legal Benefits - Provides a menu of covered legal services at no additional cost such as will preparation, phone consultation, attorney letters along with many deeply discounted legal services for issues such as divorce, bankruptcy, adoption, home purchase, etc.
Maryland Prepaid College Savings Plan - Allows employees to specify payroll deducted monies that go towards higher education for children and grandchildren.
Child Care Program Police Officer & 911 Operator
The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account reimburses you for care provided to dependents so that you can work.
Care can be for:
  • Your dependent children age 12 and under.
  • Any dependent of any age it the dependent lives with you and cannot care for himself or herself, such as an elderly parent or disabled child.
This includes expenses for:
  • Day care provided in your home
  • Day care provided outside your home by qualified day care providers
Each paycheck you contribute a amount you determine. All contributions are on a pre-tax basis. You submit a claim form with proper documentation and receive a tax-free reimbursement from your Flexible Spending Account.
For more information, contact the recruitment office at [email protected]