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Pre-file Procedures

Required for all of the following:
  • Rezonings
  • Special Exceptions
  • Critical Area Reclassifications
  • Variances to the following:
    • Related to the Critical Area Program (e.g. Buffers)
    • New single family dwelling
    • Disturbance of 5,000 square feet or greater
    • Environmentally Sensitive Areas (tidal wetlands, bogs, streams, steep slopes, and their associated buffers)
Applicants call the Zoning Division at (410) 222-7437 to schedule a pre-file meeting with a Planner.  
Applicants are required to provide a site plan per §18-16-201(d) and letter of explanation. A rezoning does not require proposed use or structures to be shown. Pre-file reviews are primarily being conducted with electronic submissions. Work with the assigned planner for submission.
A pre-file plan shall include:
  1.  the outline of the property and topography with steep slopes and buffers delineated with scale and north arrow which requirement may be satisfied by a County GIS with tax map boundary overlay;
  2. zoning boundaries;
  3. critical area and bog protection areas;
  4. existing and proposed structures and uses;
  5. setbacks and parking;
  6. access and interior road circulation;
  7. conceptual utilities and drainage structures;
  8. forested areas and mean high water lines;
  9. all natural features and required buffers; and
  10. a vicinity map.
After review, team comments will be provided to the applicant for use in submitting the application.