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Heritage Office Complex, 4th Floor, 2664 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401
[email protected]
Hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
Counter (410) 222-7463, Demographer (410) 222-7739, Fax (410) 222-7255
Small Area Plans$15.00/Each
Parole By Design Master Plan$25.00
Odenton Town Center Master Plan$25.63
General Development Plan (2009)$40.00
Zoning, Subdivision Regulations Ordinance$10.00
Stormwater, Floodplain, Grading Ordinances$5.00/Each
Stormwater Management Practices and Procedures Manual$12.00
Landscape Manual$5.00
Water and Sewer Master Plan$25.00
2003 Solid Waste Master Plan$14.00
Marinas of Anne Arundel County (2018)$5.00 / Also available online
Development Activity Impact on School Facilities (2017)Available online only
Apartments Study for Anne Arundel County (2018)Available online only
2011 Topography 8 ½ x 11 SheetNo charge
1985 Topography Full Sheet$5.00/Copy
8 ½ x 11 Sheet (Color or Black & White)$5.00
11 x 17 Sheet Color$6.00
30 x 40 Sheet Color$40.00
11 X 17 Sheet Official Zoning B/W $10.00
11 x 17 Sheet Official Zoning Color $12.00
Subdivision Activity Maps$10.00/Map
Water and Sewer Maps    $30.00/Set - $3.00/Each
BOG Maps Full Sheet$50.00
BOG Maps Half Sheet$25.00
BOG Maps 11 x 17$6.00
BOG Maps 8 ½ x 11$5.00
Critical Area Maps$84.00/Set - $3.00/Each
Buffer Exemption Maps Full Set$150.00/Set - $3.00/Each
Replacement Signs 
Variance, Special Exception, Rezoning, Critical Area$35.00/Sign
Subdivision, Site Development Plan and Mixed Use$35.00/Sign
Copy Services 
8 ½ x 11 or 11 x 17 Sheet$0.25/Sheet
Plans/Plats (Blue Prints)$5.00/Sheet
Aerial Photos - Black & White $5.00/Copy
Aerial Photos - Color$6.00/Copy


Digital Data Products

Digital Data Products Disclaimer
MapMap NameMap Description
1Development Review AreasCounty Development Review Areas
2ZoningZoning Classifications
4School Impact Fee ZonesDistricts
5Transportation Impact Fee ZonesDistricts
6Council Districts Council Districts with Council Person
14Sewer ServiceSewer Designations
15Water ServiceWater Designations & Pressure Zones
16Small Planning Areas (SAP)Small Area Planning Boundaries
18Communities and Major RoadsCities, Communities, & Roads
282000 Census Tract BoundariesCensus Tract Boundaries and Numbers
29Critical Area Maps Critical Area Map Index and Link to Map
32Land Use Plan 2009Land Use Plan
33Park and RidesPark and Ride Locations
35Tax Assessment DistrictsTax Assessment Districts and Boundaries
39Priority Funding Areas Priority Funding Area Locations
42Mass TransitRail Lines, Stations and Airport
461990 Census Tract Boundaries 1990 Census Tract Boundaries & Numbers
49BWI Airport 4 Mile DistrictBWI Airport 4 Mile District Map
51Scenic and Historic RoadsAdopted Scenic and Historic Roads, 2006
52Buffer Modification AreaBuffer Modification Area
53Road Functional Classifications Map
Bill No.12-15 Adopted May 28, 2015
54Bog Guidance MapBog Protection Area Guidance Map
55Growth Tiers MapGrowth Tiers Map, June 2013