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Parole Growth Management Area

One of three designated Town Centers in Anne Arundel County, and a Targeted Growth Area that is given the highest priority for economic growth and public improvements, the Parole Growth Management Area is adjacent to the western edge of the City of Annapolis.

Parole Growth Management Area

Anne Arundel County’s Office of Planning and Zoning will update the Parole Urban Design Concept Plan, the master plan that guides land use and development and sets general standards for the quality of design within the County-designated Parole Growth Management Area (PGMA).  
Parole General Info Map

Why Update the County’s Plan for Parole?

The current Parole Urban Design Concept Plan was adopted in 1994, and there have been significant changes to the area in the years since that plan was adopted. In addition, provisions governing land use and development in the PGMA are found within this plan and within the Anne Arundel County Code (§17-7, Subtitle 9 and §18-14, Subtitle 4). The goals of this update are to
  • gather input and establish a community vision for the future of the PGMA,
  • update and assess the existing conditions and data used as a basis for planning in the area,
  • evaluate and clarify the regulatory framework for the area to achieve the community vision,
  • maintain aspects of the existing plan which function well, and
  • organize the plan to facilitate its use by business and property owners, citizens, developers, and planning staff.

Anticipated Process and Timeframe

The plan update began in summer of 2017 with County Planning and Zoning staff gathering input from the public and from stakeholders in the County and the City of Annapolis to understand the area’s issues and opportunities and shape the community’s vision for Parole. Public input gathered both online and at public information sessions will guide the update.

Following the start of the Parole Master Plan update, the County committed to undertake new studies that have an impact on the PGMA and the Parole Master Plan’s recommendations. The first study will examine the feasibility of siting a Multimodal Center in Anne Arundel County, with locations within the Parole area being considered. This study will examine ways to accommodate local and regional multimodal transit connections and parking, as well as opportunities for adjacent transit supportive development. The second study will focus on Parole-area transportation, including an examination of existing and future mobility needs, design standards, future growth, network improvements, traffic, and parking. The goal then is to incorporate the findings and recommendations from these studies into the Parole Master Plan update.

A third study, already underway, is a County-wide Land Use Market Analysis. This project will gather data on supply and demand of land for employment, retail and residential uses and the future growth potential of each market. This analysis will be used to set the stage for Plan2040, the update to the County’s General Development Plan, and with information anticipated by the end of 2018, the Parole Master Plan team will review the data gathered to ensure the Parole Plan’s update is coordinated with this information.  

The timeline for the Parole Master Plan update will be extended to allow the findings of these studies to be adequately incorporated. It is anticipated a draft of the Parole Master Plan update will be available for public review by early 2019. Following revisions based on public and stakeholder input, the final master plan will be submitted for review by the County’s Planning Advisory Board and adoption by the County Council, with anticipated adoption by spring of 2019.


Initial Community Surveys

The initial Parole Community Survey and Visual Preference Survey that were launched in August and early September are now closed.
View survey results and feedback from our Open House by clicking here.
Thank you to everyone who participated!

Draft Vision Statement

This Vision Statement is derived from the comments of citizens and stakeholders and is an aspirational statement expressing the future that is desired for their community. It sets the overall tone for the Plan and will be the lens through which the Parole Master Plan will be updated in the coming months. When the Plan is updated, its goals and policies will reflect strategies to implement this Vision.

View the draft Vision Statement by clicking here.

Please email your comments on the Vision Statement to