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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Parole Urban Design Concept Plan Update


What is the Parole Growth Management Area?

The 1,500-acre Parole Growth Management Area (PGMA) is an overlay zone applied to one of Anne Arundel County’s three designated “Town Centers,” which are targeted for development, redevelopment, and economic growth in the County. The PGMA is located directly adjacent to the City of Annapolis and includes the Annapolis Towne Centre at Parole, Anne Arundel Medical Center, Westfield Annapolis Mall, and extends down Riva Road to the Heritage Office Complex and along MD450 to the Housley Road area.

While the PGMA is a County designation that does not encompass the Parole neighborhood or Outer West Street portions of the City of Annapolis, City and County staff are in close cooperation on cross-jurisdictional planning for this area. 



Is there currently a Plan for the PGMA?

The Parole Urban Design Concept Plan (UDCP) has guided land use and development and set general standards for the quality of design within the PGMA since it was adopted in 1994. This Plan was developed based on the land use, market and transportation conditions at that time and established a vision for Parole as an area with a diverse mix of uses and street-level activity in a compact, walkable built setting.

Parole Urban Design Concept Plan


How does this plan relate to the County’s General Development Plan and other master plans?

The General Development Plan is Anne Arundel County’s comprehensive plan to guide growth and development in the County, prepared in compliance with State requirements and guidelines. Adopted by the County Council, the GDP establishes policies and recommendations to guide land use decisions over a 10 to 20 year planning timeframe.

The Parole UDCP is a more detailed Town Center master plan that, like all master plans and development regulations adopted by the County, must be consistent with the goals, policies and recommendations of the GDP.

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Why update this Plan?

Much has changed in the Parole area since the Parole UDCP was adopted in 1994. Many critical transportation improvements first highlighted in the 1994 UDCP are now in place, including the development of Housley Road to the west of Generals Highway, extension of Solomon’s Island Road from West Street to Bestgate Road via Medical Parkway, and the improved access to US50 from Route 2. Major new facilities have transformed Parole, including expansions of Anne Arundel Medical Center and the Westfield Annapolis Mall, the redevelopment of Parole Plaza for the Annapolis Towne Centre, and major residential, office, and commercial developments throughout the PGMA.

However, new challenges face Parole, and it is time to assess the current needs of the area. With the assistance and input of citizens, residents, stakeholders, and County and City staff, an updated Plan for Parole will refresh the shared vision for the community, outline clear priorities for implementation of infrastructure needs, and clarify the policies and guidance that direct development in the PGMA. The revised Parole Plan will provide a broad guide for growth, development, and land use in the PGMA, and will outline development regulations and design standards for the area. 

Note that the Plan will not provide detailed development or redevelopment schemes for any particular sites. The Plan will help guide current and ongoing efforts to address transportation issues, but initiatives such as US 50 improvements are separate, and Plan will coordinate with those efforts. Funding is not attached to Plan recommendations, but the Plan will help shape budget priorities, and other funding strategies may be recommended. Finally, the Plan may make broad recommendations for new infrastructure, but a firm schedule for implementation is deferred to more detailed infrastructure planning by appropriate agencies.


What is the process and timeline for this update?

The plan update will kick off with the online survey and Open House on Wednesday, September 6, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Independence Conference Room (Room 170, Heritage Office Complex, 2664 Riva Road, Annapolis). County Planning and Zoning staff will gather input from the public and from stakeholders, including the City of Annapolis, to shape the community’s vision and understand the issues and opportunities for Parole. The public input gathered both online and at public information sessions will be used to guide the Plan’s update. 

As sections of the Plan are drafted, they will be shared for public review and then revised based on public and stakeholder input. Then the final Plan will be submitted for review by the County’s Planning Advisory Board and adoption the County Council, with anticipated adoption in summer of 2018.


How can I give input and stay up-to-date on the Plan’s development?

Your input is key to developing this Plan, its vision and its implementation, and there are many ways to stay involved:

1. Check out the Parole Plan webpage at Updates, surveys and other information will be posted regularly.

2. Complete our survey about Parole! Let us know what your vision for Parole is.   Parole Community Survey

3. Get on our Parole Plan email list. We’ll send updates and announcements on the Plan’s progress.