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Parole Growth Management Area

Parole Town Center Master Plan Update

The comment period is now closed for the Preliminary Draft of revisions to Development Regulations for the Parole Growth Management Overlay. 

Ordinance language for the Parole Town Center Growth Management Area is contained in Article 17, Title 7, Subtitle 9 and Article 18, Title 14, Subtitle 4 of the Anne Arundel County Code. These sections of the Code are proposed to be repealed and replaced with the following preliminary draft language, which is subject to change. This draft language is based on the recommendations of the Draft Parole Town Center Master Plan, as well as comments on the draft plan from the public and from the Planning Advisory Board. 

Click here to review the draft Code and/or regulatory language. 


The Planning Advisory Board reviewed the draft Parole Town Center Master Plan, and recommended on March 9, 2022 to advance the Master Plan to the County Council for consideration.  

The full Draft Parole Town Center Master Plan sent to the PAB is available here:

Click here to view a recording of the January 19 Public Forum, which provided an overview of the Preliminary Draft Parole Town Center Master Plan update. 

image of cover of draft Parole Town Center Master Plan


The Parole Growth Management Area is a Targeted Growth Area that is given the highest priority for economic growth and public improvements. Designated in the 1978 General Development Plan as one of three Town Centers in Anne Arundel County, the Parole Town Center is adjacent to the western edge of the City of Annapolis.

Land use and development in the Parole Town Center is guided by the Parole Urban Design Concept Plan, a master plan adopted in 1994. Due to significant changes in the area since then, the Office of Planning and Zoning began updating this master plan in 2017. Through digital engagement and an open house, residents identified shared concerns and opportunities, including:

  • Importance of safe bicycle and pedestrian links throughout Parole
  • Improved urban character, mix of uses, and sense of place
  • New public amenities and services
  • More green space and permeable surfaces 

The Office of Planning and Zoning has resumed the Parole Master Plan update to include the findings from two Office of Transportation studies: the Transportation Center Feasibility Study and the Parole Mobility Study. The 2021 update will also ensure the Parole Master Plan is consistent with Plan2040, the County’s recently updated General Development Plan. The goals of this update are to:

  • Gather new input and establish an updated community vision for the future of Parole.
  • Update and assess the existing conditions and data used as a basis for planning in the area.
  • Clarify the regulatory framework for the area to achieve the community vision.
  • Maintain aspects of the existing plan that function well.
  • Simplify the plan to ease its use by business and property owners, citizens, developers, and planning staff.

How Can I Get Involved?

Please join the Parole Plan email list by clicking here. OPZ will send regular updates, announcements, and opportunities to engage in the Plan's formation. 

The project team held a public forum on April 15, 2021.

Parole Planning timeline 2017 to 2022 and beyond

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