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Plan2040 Updates

Learn more about the latest progress on Plan2040 here.


Plan2040 Vision

A Vision Statement is a standard feature in a County’s Comprehensive Plan and serves as a common direction for long-term planning. It is intended as a statement of the County’s values and aspirations, a shared image of what the residents want the County to become over the next ten to twenty years. In short, it answers the question “where are we headed?”

The Citizen Advisory Committee developed the Plan2040 Vision based on comments received from citizens during Listening Sessions, Visioning Meetings, and community surveys conducted early in the Plan2040 process.


Region Planning Areas

In 2018, the Anne Arundel County Council passed Bill 21-18, which required that the GDP determine a process for the subsequent preparation, development and adoption of no less than seven plans for geographic subregions of the County, each with a citizen-based planning committee. 

The Citizen Advisory Committee has drafted nine Region Planning Areas to facilitate more detailed planning that is a refinement of Plan2040, tailored to the diverse parts of the County. At a minimum, each Region Plan is currently proposed to address the following elements:

  • Region Planning Area Vision and Goals
  • Community characteristics and special features
  • Natural Features
  • Land Use
  • Cultural and Historic Resources
  • Housing
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Community Facilities
  • Public Safety
  • Strategies
  • Implementation Plan and Monitoring
  • Any additional content to address elements specific to a region, such as agriculture, sea-level rise, transit-oriented development, redevelopment, revitalization, etc.

Each Region Planning Area is proposed to have a Plan committee of at least 11 members, representing a broad cross section of the area’s civic, business, environmental and other special interests. It is anticipated that work on the first round of Region Plans will begin shortly after the adoption of Plan2040 by the County Council.


The Interactive Map linked below shows the nine proposed Region Planning Areas and allows users to zoom in to the street level. The map also depicts delineations of 50 distinct communities that make up Anne Arundel County. These community delineations were shared for comment online and at the 17 Visioning Meetings earlier this year. Note that the communities do not represent political or planning boundaries; rather, they represent the community extent as understood by local residents. However, communities will be further analyzed during the Region Planning process to understand their distinct character and to develop policies and strategies to protect and enhance that character.

View the Interactive Map of the Region Planning Areas and the community designations throughout the County. Zoom in to view street names. Note that the interactive map may be slow on some computers. 

Interactive Map of Proposed Region Planning Areas

For a pdf version of the map, printable at 11x17, click here


Do you have thoughts on the Proposed Vision and/or Region Planning Areas?

Send your comments to [email protected] by January 27, 2020.