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General Development Plan

The GDP is Anne Arundel County’s comprehensive plan to guide land use in the County, capitalize on its assets and conserve critical resources. It is prepared in compliance with State requirements and guidelines. Adopted by the County Council, the GDP establishes policies and recommendations to guide land use decisions over a 20 year planning timeframe. All master plans and development regulations adopted by the County must be consistent with the goals, policies and recommendations of the GDP.



The application period for the Plan2040 Citizens Advisory Committee is now closed.
We received over 80 applications and want to thank everyone for their interest in serving.
All applications are being forwarded to the County Executive, who will make his appointments to the CAC in the coming weeks. 
To stay up-to-date with the progress of Plan2040, please continue to visit the Plan2040 website and register to join the Plan2040 email list



The County’s current GDP was approved in 2009 by the County Council. View the current GDP and the history of comprehensive planning in Anne Arundel County here:

2009 General Development Plan 

GDP Graphic

The GDP establishes the community's vision for the County; all master plans and development regulations must be consistent with its goals, policies and recommendations.


Plan 2040: Updating the General Development Plan

The Office of Planning and Zoning will work with stakeholders, citizens, and other state and local government agencies to update the GDP in the next 2 years. The process started in September 2017 with a series of Listening Sessions held around the County to hear the issues and vision people have for the County. An online survey mirrored the Listening Session format to expand the opportunities for input. Summaries of each Listening Session survey and the online survey are below, and a video from our Broadneck High School Listening Session is also available.
The full summary of Public Engagement Feedback from the kickoff phase of Plan 2040 is available here: Kickoff Public Engagement Summary
Listening Session and Online Survey Summaries
North County High School    Listening Session 1 Results/Comments
Broadneck High School    Listening Session 2 Results/Comments
Old Mill High School    Listening Session 3 Results/Comments
Arundel High School    Listening Session 4 Results/Comments
Annapolis High School    Listening Session 5 Results/Comments
Northeast High School    Listening Session 6 Results/Comments
Southern High School    Listening Session 7 Results/Comments
Brooklyn Park Middle SchoolListening Session 8 Results/Comments
Online SurveyOnline Survey Results/Comments
Youth SurveyYouth Survey Results

What is the Process and Timeline?


Why does it matter?

The GDP expresses the community’s values and what is important to our quality of life. The GDP reflects the citizens’ practical vision for an aspirational future and sets the groundwork for various functional plans and master plans.
Together, we can determine what we want our community to be and a way to get there!

Why should you contribute?

You know your community best - what it needs and what’s special about it.
This is your vision for your community!
Help identify the core values of your community and define a vision for Anne Arundel County.
Check back to this page for news on the GDP update. We’ll be posting updates, surveys, and sharing feedback.
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