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COVID-19: Information, Resources, and Cancellations
While all County buildings are closed to the public, the Office of Planning and Zoning remains operational during normal business hours.
We continue checking phones and emails and accepting materials in a limited capacity. Please contact us at [email protected] or 410-222-7450. Email is encouraged. Read our Green Notices for COVID-19 operational changes here
Page Background

General Development Plan

The GDP is Anne Arundel County’s comprehensive plan to guide land use in the County, capitalize on its assets and conserve critical resources. It is prepared in compliance with State requirements and guidelines. Adopted by the County Council, the GDP establishes policies and recommendations to guide land use decisions over a 20 year planning timeframe. All master plans and development regulations adopted by the County must be consistent with the goals, policies and recommendations of the GDP.


The County’s current GDP was approved in 2009 by the County Council. View the current GDP and the history of comprehensive planning in Anne Arundel County here:

2009 General Development Plan 

Updates (November 16, 2020)

The comment period for the preliminary draft of Plan2040, the Anne Arundel County General Development Plan, is now closed. 

Next Steps and Additional Public Input Opportunities

  • Planning Advisory Board briefing and public hearing to occur in December and January (dates to be determined)
  • County Council introduction of Plan 2040 is anticipated in February 2021 with public hearings to begin in March 2021 (dates to be determined)

Below is the preliminary draft of Plan2040 that was available for review from September 30, 2020 to November 15, 2020. For ease of use, the Plan is divided into two documents. 

Plan2040 (Volume 1) includes the vision and themes, goals, policies, and strategies, the planned land use map, and the implementation plan.

Plan2040: Background (Volume 2) provides supporting background information.

Errata sheet: These revisions will be made to the Preliminary Draft Plan2040 dated September 30, 2020 prior to the proposed draft that will be introduced to the Planning Advisory Board (updated October 1, 2020).

Three web-based maps are provided to complement the draft Plan. These web maps allow you to zoom in and explore the maps in more detail than can be seen in the static plan documents.

Please visit our FAQs document for some helpful information on Plan2040.

Plan2040: Community [email protected] was open from August 5 - September 10, 2020. A summary of public comments received through the virtual open house is available here. A copy of all the open-ended comments received through the website is attached to the end of the summary. 

GDP Graphic

The GDP establishes the community's vision for the County; all master plans and development regulations must be consistent with its goals, policies and recommendations.


Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)


The Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) has been reconstituted to provide input to the Office of Planning and Zoning in the development of Plan2040 and consists of 23 members, comprised of citizens from each of the current Small Planning Areas, as well as representatives from the residential and commercial development sectors, the environmental community, and a student representative. Committee members are listed below. 

CAC meetings will held on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, from 5pm to 7pm in the Chesapeake Room of the Heritage Center (2664 Riva Road, Annapolis). The first meeting is April 17, 2019. Meetings will be streamed via Arundel TV and available on the County's YouTube Channel (Titled: "Live from Mevo"). Meeting agendas, minutes and additional information will be posted here as they become available.

The new CAC kicked off with a public workshop on Saturday, April 13th, 2019. The workshop was led by Smart Growth America, a national nonprofit organization that provides technical assistance, advocacy, and thought leadership to realize a vision of livable places, healthy  people, and shared prosperity in our communities. View a summary of input from the April 13th workshop, as well as videos of some of the workshop presentations (videos here and here).


Citizen Advisory Committee members:
click on a member name to read their biography
At large: 
Elizabeth RosborgChair
Melanie Hartwig-DavisEnvironmental community representative
Bill DoddRepresentative from MBIA (residential developers)
Thomas FahsRepresentative from NAIOP (commercial developers)
Ellen MoyerCity of Annapolis
VacantStudent Representative
Small Area representatives: 
Kristin PaulyAnnapolis Neck 
Pat LynchBroadneck
Caren KarabaniBrooklyn Park
Charlie MannionBWI / Linthicum
Patricia HueckerCrofton
Billy MouldenCrownsville
Cate BowerDeale / Shady Side
Anthony BrentEdgewater / Mayo
William ShorterGlen Burnie
Gary MaulerJessup
Elizabeth Ysla LeightRussett / Maryland City
VacantLake Shore
Matt KorbelakOdenton
John ClarkPasadena / Marley Neck
Amy LeahySeverna Park
Joel GreenwellSouth County


Plan2040: Updating the General Development Plan

The Office of Planning and Zoning will work with stakeholders, citizens, and other state and local government agencies to update the GDP in the next 2 years. The process started in September 2017 with a series of Listening Sessions held around the County to hear the issues and vision people have for the County. An online survey mirrored the Listening Session format to expand the opportunities for input. Summaries of each Listening Session survey and the online survey can be found here, and a video from our Broadneck High School Listening Session is also available.

In addition, RKG Associates has prepared a Land Use Market Analysis to study the County's economic and demographic trends, how these are projected to impact the demand for different land uses in the County, and how development policies and trends, if continued, will impact the future supply of land for various uses. View the Land Use Market Analysis here

Together, these reports provide a snapshot of existing conditions in each of these areas and progress made in implementing the goals of the SAPs and the 2009 GDP. 


What is the Process and Timeline?


The Office of Planning and Zoning and the County Administration have developed a robust Community Engagement Plan for development of Plan2040, which will establish a strong standard for citizen engagement, gather information on the citizens' vision for the County, ensure equitable stakeholder input, and ensure unified and positive public messaging in the Plan2040 process. View the full Community Engagement Plan here (revised June 2020 to reflect changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic).


Why does it matter?

The GDP expresses the community’s values and what is important to our quality of life. The GDP reflects the citizens’ practical vision for an aspirational future and sets the groundwork for various functional plans and master plans.
Together, we can determine what we want our community to be and a way to get there!

Why should you contribute?

You know your community best - what it needs and what’s special about it.
This is your vision for your community!
Help identify the core values of your community and define a vision for Anne Arundel County.
Check back to this page for news on the GDP update. We’ll be posting updates, surveys, and sharing feedback.
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