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Comprehensive Zoning

The Comprehensive Zoning process provides an opportunity for Anne Arundel County to make changes in zoning in accordance with the policies and recommendations in the General Development Plan or other adopted plans. The County may also use the Comprehensive Zoning process to rezone property in order to address an identified County or community need. Unlike the Administrative Zoning process, which is decided by the County’s Administrative Hearing Officer, the Comprehensive Zoning process involves introducing legislation to the County Council, which must hold public hearings on the proposed zoning changes prior to adoption of the legislation.

Earlier Comprehensive Zoning legislation was prepared by Tax Assessment District and was adopted between 1971-1976, and again in the period from 1985-1989. More recently, Comprehensive Zoning legislation was prepared for each of the 16 Small Planning Areas in the County based on the related Small Area Plans and was adopted during the period from 2000 - 2007.

The most recent Comprehensive Zoning process followed the adoption of the 2009 General Development Plan. In this process, legislation was prepared by County Council District during the period 2010-2011 and was adopted as follows:

Bill 12-11, Council Districts 1 & 4, Effective July 10, 2011
Bill 44-11, Council Districts 6 & 7, Effective October 7, 2011
Bill 66-11, Council Districts 2, 3, & 5, Effective January 29, 2012

The next Comprehensive Zoning process will occur with each of the nine Region Plans. Please see the Region Plan webpage for information on the schedules for each Region Plan and its Comprehensive Zoning process.

For questions on the Comprehensive Zoning Process and legislation, please contact Cindy Carrier at (410) 222-7432.