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Current Historic Research in the County

African American Voices, Memories, & Places: A Four Rivers Heritage Trail

African American heritage Trail

Anne Arundel County is excited to announce the release of a new ‘virtual’ tour, exploring the County’s African American heritage, significant historic sites, and important places of remembrance. This online virtual tour highlights more than 180 historic sites, communities, and significant places representing a broad range of African American heritage sites in Anne Arundel County’s Four Rivers Heritage Area. Click here to learn more and to embark on a story map tour of the African American Heritage Trail


African American heritage Trail

Anne Arundel County's Cultural Resources Division is working hard to document and protect the historic cemeteries of our County along with members of our new Citizen Preservation Stewardship Program. In October 2019, the Cultural Resources Division began participation in Preservation Maryland's Six-to-Fix Program to address the needs of our County's historic cemeteries. Preservation Maryland will work with the County’s Cultural Resources Division, the community, and other partners to conduct workshops, develop story maps, and tackle hard questions and work towards a consensus about how to capture and store data on cemeteries, particularly African American cemeteries. Visit this webpage to find out what the Cultural Resources Division is doing and how you can help. You can access a DIGITAL SURVEY TOOL here that you can use to help document cemeteries.  Our recent symposium, titled, "Resurrecting Histories: Cemeteries of the Four Rivers Heritage Area," took place on June 8, 2019 in Galesville and featured experts in cemetery research, conservation, and preservation - click here if you want to see the VIDEO.  Join us for an upcoming workshop on Saturday, October 19th at Kinder Farm!

Maryland Archaeology : Unearthing Forgotten History

AA archaeology intro video


Check out this short video that explains all you ever wanted to know about archaeology in Anne Arundel County! Find out how you can get involved by watching this video


A Race Against Time: Maryland Archaeology and the Quest to Recover History

slr video


One-third of archaeological sites in Anne Arundel County are threatened by weather and other natural hazards. Find out what measures are being taken and how you can help by watching this video


A Native American Village - Archaeological Exploration on County Lands

projectile point

The County has been working with volunteers and students over the past three years to explore a fascinating Native American Archaeological Site located on the County-owned Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary in Lothian.  Learn more about what the team has found- and what we have found out- on this YouTube video


The General's Highway Cultural and Historic Landscape Study

Generals Highway 18th century map

The County's Cultural Resources Division recently completed a three-year archaeological and historical study of historic Generals Highway in partnership with the Maryland State Highway Administration. The result is a Cultural and Historical Landscape Study, which covers some of the County's most historic territory. Learn more with this interactive digital map! Or download a printable brochure about the project!


Beach Resorts in Anne Arundel County. Capturing 20th century stories of recreation and bay-side retreats! 

Anne Arundel County Beach ResortThe County, in partnership with the Anne Arundel County Trust for Preservation, investigated some almost modern history in 2016. The shorelines of the County were once dotted with hundreds of beach resorts and vacation communities in the first half of the 20th century. These developments, some which have evolved into year round communities, while others have been lost to time, made Anne Arundel County a popular tourist destination, before the Bay Bridge, and they have left a lasting legacy on the County's landscape and development patterns. Do you remember any of these beach resorts? Watch our video to learn more!

Liberating Artifacts from the County's Archaeological Curation Facility

tin glazed pottery

The Anne Arundel County Archaeology Lab curates more than 3.1 Million artifacts yet  these pieces of the past rarely make it out of their boxes. With support from the Maryland Humanities Council, the team put together a virtual exhibit. Explore  artifacts from five of the County's more interesting sites, and find out what we have learned from their recovery and study.  Each artifact tells a story- so begin exploring the past by clicking here!


A Field Guide to Historic Galesville

field guide to galesville

Historic Galesville is a fascinating historic town in southern Anne Arundel County that everyone should come and visit! Anne Arundel County Trust for Preservation partnered with the Four Rivers Heritage Area and the County's Cultural Resources Division to produce this neat little book which guides you on a walking tour of this waterfront town on the West River.  Download the guide here!



Broken Dishes
The Anne Arundel County Archaeology Lab curates more than 3.1 Million artifacts in its facility. Here is an opportunity to explore some of the County’s most exciting finds. Each artifact tells a story- so begin exploring the past by clicking here!
Old Map
Travel through time down the historic Generals Highway in Maryland.
Click here to download a brochure map of historic Generals Highway!