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Our County's Beach Resort History

Columbia Beach SignCelebrate, Uncover, Preserve


Anne Arundel County is celebrating its 20th century Beach Resort history, in partnership with the Maryland Heritage Areas AuthorityAnne Arundel County Trust for Preservation, Four Rivers Heritage Area, and Anne Arundel County's Cultural Resources Division and Recreation and Parks.

During the early 20th century, people near and far flocked to the countless beach resorts, summer communities, and Chesapeake Bay recreational areas that occupied much of Anne Arundel County's shoreline. These spaces are undoubtedly where many of those 'oh so good' summertime memories were made-- where unforgettable family moments were had, where some found 'the one' and others let them slip away, where friends were made and unforgettable acquaintances were met, where many firsts...and some lasts were had. But, these places are also where serious social issues played out. For decades, many of Anne Arundel County's beaches were segregated and some, like Beverly-Triton Beach Resort, fought to stay as such even after the Civil Rights Act had taken effect. After the construction of the Bay Bridge and the establishment of Ocean City as a major vacation destination, many public beaches struggled to stay afloat and eventually turned to private hands.

As the beach resort heyday is sinking deeper and deeper into our past, it is imperative that we preserve what remains of this significant period in local history and the roles these spaces played in shaping communities throughout time. In order to do so, we are calling upon residents (both past and present) to share with us their oral histories, memories, experiences, photographs, and other memorabilia so that they can be recorded and preserved for future generations.

For others who would like to learn more about their community and the deep and rich history buried beneath, information stations will be established at future public events where visitors can engage with professional archaeologists and examine artifacts that have been recovered during previous archaeological investigations at the parks. Email or or call John Kille at 410-222-7792 for more information.  

Beverly Triton Beach Pennant


See below for past public events (also, check back here very soon for upcoming events):



[Past Event] Sunday, 2016 August 7th @ Mayo Beach Park [11:00am- 4:00pm] Directions 

Celebrate and Remember Beach Communities of the Chesapeake

Postcard Beverly Beach











 Image Courtesy of the Emma Schramm Collection

Last summer's successful Mayo Beach Day featured

the following activities in the Mayo Beach Park Bay View Pavilion:

-Lecture Series:

11:30 – Beach Resorts of Anne Arundel County

1:00 – The History of Mayo Beach

2:30 – African-American Beach Communities

-Oral history and memorabilia recording

-Local history tables from Chesapeake Bay beach communities

-REAL artifacts from archaeological digs on the park

-Food by the Galesville Community Association

-Swimming in the Bay during Mayo Beach Public Open Day! 


Stay tuned for FUTURE events! Also, visit the County's Recreation and Parks webpage to learn about future events in Spring of 2017!

Chesapeake Beach Regatta       Postcard

 Right Image Courtesy of the Emma Schramm Collection


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