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African American History & Heritage

Learn more about African American history in Anne Arundel County!

A review of Anne Arundel County's Inventory of Historic Properties was undertaken in 2017, which found that only around 7% of the Inventory were documented as having an African American component. This disparity between our Inventory, the tool that allows for preservation during the development process, and the breadth of contributions to the County's history by African Americans was striking and warranted a response to ensure fairer representation and diversity in support of the County's historic preservation efforts.

Over the past 6 years, OPZ has sought out and supported projects that will help ensure that our Inventory of Historic Properties is better reflective of the County's rich and multi-cultural heritage. Below are a few of the resulting projects and some useful research tools and resources that we hope will help citizens explore and discover African American heritage in Anne Arundel County, MD.

The Civil Rights Era

Explore the Civil Rights era by listening to stories told by those who lived it.

African American Heritage Trail

Take a virtual tour of African American sites representing over 370 years of County history.

Historic Markers

This program celebrates diverse local history and raises awareness of under-represented sites like African American heritage landmarks.

Historic Cemeteries

The County's cemetery database contains over 100 known historic African American cemeteries.

Historic Housing

This housing study will record the homes of 19th-century African Americans in the County.

Historic Sites

Learn about African American history at Galesville, Belvoir, Londontown, and historic Rosenwald Schools.

Middle Passage Ceremonies & Port Marker Project

The MPCPMP commemorates the historic first arrivals of captured Africans in North America, such as at Annapolis and Londontown.

African American Foodways

Learn about the cultural history of African American foodways.



Other Research Tools and Resources