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Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative

The Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI) was established by State legislation in FY2014 as a revitalization tool to fund projects that build on the strengths of Baltimore City and surrounding communities.  The goal is to focus strategic investment in local housing and businesses that will lead to healthy communities, grow the tax base, and improve quality of life. 

To this end, Anne Arundel County and the City of Baltimore collaborated with Strong City Baltimore, a nonprofit community development agency, and multiple stakeholders on a cross-jurisdictional plan to improve the Brooklyn – Curtis Bay – Brooklyn Park area, referred to as Greater Baybrook.

The plan includes establishing a local city-county community development corporation known as the Greater Baybrook Alliance, which will work with partners in both the City and County in their revitalization efforts for the Baybrook area.  Partners in the Greater Baybrook BRNI initiative include Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation, Arundel Community Development Services Inc., Anne Arundel Office of Planning and Zoning, Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation, the Chesapeake Arts Center, Strong City Baltimore, the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development, MD Dept. of Housing and Community Development, Baltimore Metropolitan Council, Baltimore Development Corporation, and many others.

The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan was submitted to the State in 2016 along with an application for funding for several specific implementation projects.  Over $700,000 in FY2017 BRNI Awards was granted to the Greater Baybrook area for the following projects or programs:

  • Arundel Community Development Services Inc. Property Acquisition and Rehabilitation Program expansion in Brooklyn Park
  • Baybrook Youth Athletic Complex improvements
  • Greater Baybrook Alliance operational support
  • Greater Baybrook Block Improvement Program
  • Greater Baybrook Identity and Branding Initiative

Applications for additional funding support will be submitted for FY2018.

For further information on the BRNI initiative, contact:
Lynn Miller, Office of Planning and Zoning, (410) 222-7431