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Anti-Bullying/Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence Prevention and Response

Anne Arundel County Government is committed to a safe environment that is free from violence, bullying, harassment, intimidation, and other disruptive behavior at the workplace for all county employees and the visiting public.  It is Anne Arundel County's position that violence or threats of violence — in all forms — is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Employees and members of the public are encouraged to report threatening or intimidating behavior to the appropriate authorities. With this in mind, Anne Arundel County Government has a policy and procedure in place for the prevention of and response to violence in county government workplaces. A copy of the internal County government policy and procedure is located below and applies to all classified, exempt, temporary, seasonal and contractual employees of Anne Arundel County government and all volunteer services.  Please see the following links to Anne Arundel County's Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Policy and Incident Complaint form.

Workplace Bullying Policy 

Anne Arundel County Government prohibits bullying in the workplace involving Anne Arundel County Government employees, supervisors, and managers. Bullying, threatening or violent behavior will not be tolerated. No complaint of such inappropriate conduct will be ignored. Likewise, retaliation against any employee who brings a complaint or report of bullying conduct pursuant to the county policy is prohibited. The County's policy on anti-bullying applies to all employees of Anne Arundel County government including, classified, exempt, temporary, seasonal and contractual employees, and all volunteers. 


If you have a concern of bullying by a County government employee, please contact the following:

Asha Smith - EEO Director (Title VI/Title VII/Human Relations Compliance)
Susan S. Herrold - Assistant Personnel Officer Employee & Labor Relations