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Internship Programs

Looking for an internship? Apply to work in the Office of the County Executive! We’re looking for college students (undergraduate or graduate) who are passionate about making change in their community and want to learn about Anne Arundel County government. Our internship program provides students with an opportunity to have exposure to the real world of business and public administration, develop contacts, and gain experience that may give direction to their professional life. A list of available internships is below along with a link to more information and instructions on how to apply. All listed opportunities allow interns to earn college credit and experience and are unpaid, but may transition into a paid internship at a later date. Hours vary across positions and are flexible. The application deadline is rolling, so apply today!

Internship Opportunities:

2020 Census Outreach: Assist with the planning and implementation of Anne Arundel County’s 2020 census strategy by: participating in meetings, planning events, designing and distributing materials, and identifying strategies to increase response rates in hard to reach communities.

Policy Research Assistant: Assist with completing research for the Chief of Staff and County Executive by: collecting and summarizing reports, writing briefings, presenting recommendations, and attending relevant meetings.

Re-Entry Programs: Assist the CAO’s Special Projects Coordinator in researching and developing a plan to prepare incarcerated individuals for mainstreaming upon release from prison.

Not My Child Program: Assist in the expansion of the county’s Not My Child Program by: researching current county programs and similar programs in surrounding jurisdictions, preparing reports, and creating program materials.

Sister City Program: Assist with conducting research on different Sister City programs, including: benefits, methodology, and funding mechanisms.

Workforce Diversity & Inclusion in Government: Assist with conducting research, creating a video promoting workforce diversity, and preparing a summary of best local government practices concerning workforce diversity and inclusion.

Community Engagement and Constituent Services: Assist the Community Engagement and Constituent Services (CECS) staff by: preparing legal mailings, attending community meetings, maintaining case records, writing a CECS process manual, and implementing a targeted community outreach plan.