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Fundamental Principles

Our ultimate goal is to provide citizens, the business community, and County employees with quality-driven, timely, convenient access to appropriate information and services through the effective and efficient use of technology. To meet this goal we:
  • Maintain a strategic information technology plan aligned to Anne Arundel County business goals and objectives. Business needs drive information technology solutions. Strategic partnerships, teamwork and customer service is essential in order to maximize the productivity of Anne Arundel County employees.
  • Develop and maintain integrated applications and a data architecture that emphasizes standardization, sharing, controlled access and quality through common relational database systems avoiding duplication.
  • Continually evaluate business practices and methods in relation to proven and open technology solutions while exploiting functional commonality and standards across government operations.
  • Manage Information Technology as an investment. Annually allocate resources to cover depreciation for replacement of systems and equipment. Include infrastructure replacement in strategic planning for effective fiscal management of technology resources.
  • Provide effective and efficient Customer Service through well-developed education and training programs in conjunction with Help Center support services.
  • Develop and maintain a technically and professionally competent staff skilled in current and emerging technologies to maximize business benefits.