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Severe Weather Information for Kids


A drought is caused when there is below average rain or snow over a long period of time. Droughts can result in water shortages which can cause harmful impacts on plants, animals, and people.



Hurricanes can produce high winds, heavy rainfall, storm surge, coastal and inland flooding, rip currents, and tornadoes. Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th each year.





Extreme Cold

Extremely cold weather can occur throughout the winter months in Anne Arundel County. Individuals exposed to extremely cold conditions for prolonged periods of time may be at risk of frostbite and/or hypothermia. During extremely cold periods, stay indoors as much as possible. 






Extreme Heat

Extreme heat can occur throughout the summer months in Anne Arundel County. Individuals exposed to extreme heat can suffer heat related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke. Spend as much time indoors as possible when extreme heat conditions persist. 






Earthquakes occur when rocks under the Earth’s surface break apart, causing rapid vibrations, and shaking of the Earth. 



Tornadoes are very dangerous and can pack wind speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour. These storms have the potential to bring hail, rain, strong winds, and lightning. Lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun and has the potential to extend 10 miles out from a thunderstorm. 




When flooding occurs, it can range from just a few inches of water to several feet deep. Flooding can be a result of heavy rain, tropical storms, hurricanes, storm surge, or dams overflowing. Flooding occurs quickly and may require evacuation.  


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